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I am looking for a new logo design that reflects my business, my personality and my websites. I want the new logo to appear at the top of this blog, as well as appear on my http://www.HBSMC.com website pages. The information that I require to be considered for inclusion into any new logo would be:

  • 1-800-HART – My blog title
  • HBS Management Consultants – My business name
  • Hartley B. Singer – Under my business name
  • Both URLs … http://www.HBSMC.com … and …. http://www.1800HART.com (don’t need the “www”)
  • What I think I need is above .. what I think I want is below …

  • Possibly a separate graphic that can be matched below the top graphic to make one big graphic or be a footer graphic, that would have my address, phone numbers, fax number, URLs and Email addresses, and etc
  • Possibly a way to have a logo that can be printed on envelopes, home-made business cards, and business cheques
  • Possibly matching the colors of my letterheads and business cards (I like purple)
  • Are you a logo designer? If so, and you have any suggestions and ideas and want to provide me with a quotation, then please forward your thoughts and quotes to me at my hart@1800HART.com email address .. Alternatively .. if you just want to create me a new logo *For Free* … if I use it I will be sure to advertise your site and skills on all my pages as a footnote and part of my sidebar here in the 1-800-HART Blog

    This is my current business card .. I print them myself on Avery #38873 “Clean Edge Linen Textured” Business Cards, on my HP Deskjet 990 cxi InkJet printer. It was designed by me on Microsoft Publisher.

    HART’s current business card

    This is my current online business card. I would refer potential clients to see my ‘business card’ online at my website or, to the map to my location located on my website directly below this information at http://www.HBSMC.com …. I designed it myself, modifying my 404-Error files actually, which uses tables and .css formatting.

    My current Website card

    Many moons ago, I bought a crap load of business cards with the following logo from NEBS Business Forms. When I last replenished my business cheques, it was cheaper for me to get the who enchilada package, with envelopes, cheques, deposit books, cheque books, etc etc. They asked me if I had a logo and I referred them to this NEBS logo. So, while I normally use basic white labels on blank envelopes, I still have a bundle of these envelopes for ‘special’ remittances that matches the logo on my business cheque.

    My current logo on my cheques and envelopes

    This is my logo that appears on 100% of my invoices, letters, fax coversheets and all correspondence I use. I include it as a reference to further show you what I have been using, including my colors … The color usage is key because I publish financial statements on “Classic Grey Linen” paper and covers and the logo colors show up really nicely on them.

    This is my letterhead logo

    Take care.


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