I Am Back On My DELL Main Computer Again

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So far … so good … I am now posting this on my DELL Computer, which is/was my main desktop computer.

Things I missed without my main desktop computer

* I did have a problem with one program that I use a heck of a lot .. that is Word Perfect version 7+ .. used for all of my coverpages of the financial statements that I publish. EG ..

For some reason, I can’t replicate that middle graphic line on MS-WORD where I do my Notice to Readers on. It’s silly, because I can create probably a lot better graphic, but that’s what I’ve been using on my F/S for years now, and I like it.

* I had a little problem with my “DOS” accounting program that I use (Microware’s Client Strategist) because it only prints to LPT1. I felt rather than disconnecting my network I felt the need to fix my computer instead of giving up and rerouting everything and installing new software and getting printer to work on the spare computer… besides – my wife was concerned that she wouldn’t be able to play SIMS2 any more!

The biggest issue I had though – was my “back to square one” issue with my TODO list. I’ve finally been getting semi-current and making a full list – but the program was only installed on this DELL computer! I didn’t think to back that up yet. A precaution for the future.

* All my 3600 .mp3’s are on this DELL computer as well as my MusicMatch software – which there is no software updates in my collection, really. I’ve more or less updated that program “live”.

Off-Topic: I did manage to reinstall Google Talk on the other computer, and on it was just like it was using it here. But I noticed another user listening to music on it. That got me thinking. When I started to search around for plugins or addons that would do that for MusicMatch .. I couldn’t find any. Then it hit me .. MusicMatch is now Yahoo. DUH. No wonder Google doesn’t have an addon for a Yahoo product. However, there was an addon for Winamp. I used to use Winamp regularly and it was my player of choice, but once you go to MusicMatch you don’t go back! My google talk now will display the song that I am listening to – if I use Winamp. I just probably won’t use it, as I have too many good playlists on MusicMatch.

So What Did I Do To Get This Computer To Work?

I think I can safely say that in all probability – the same answer to what caused the problem could be the result that I did to correct the problem … being … WTF – and I have No Friggin’ idea!

But, I’ve …

* uploaded and installed identical drivers (error messages indicated my video drivers were no good)
* Remove video driver and tried replacing it with the good video driver from my spare computer
* vaccuum inside my computer
* deep disk anti-virus scans (and anti-spyware scans) with my Zone Alarm
* webroot anti-spyware scan
* pest control anti-spyware scans
* ad-aware SE personal anti-spyware scans
* Spybot anti-spyware scans
* disk defragmenter
* disk cleanup

… and I’ve even REINSTALLED a few known programs that I remember installing recently, incase there were files removed without my knowing it. Maybe it was a combination of everything – but after last night’s reboot .. this computer has been on continuously and everything works again.

Personally, I think it was the Vaccuum of the Dust inside the computer that fixed this

Is that possible?


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