How to work with your Bank Transactions (Online Banking) – QuickBooks Online

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This 15 minute video shows the 2 ways of getting your banking transactions in QuickBooks Online – uploading bank statements and connecting your account directly to QuickBooks Online. It then shows in detail how to process the transactions once they appear in QuickBooks including Assign, Match, Exclude and Undo functionality.

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David Harvey says:

speak up!

Erin Miller says:

how do i adjust dates? My online bank account doesn't save in any of the required formats, and its only loading the current quarter.

Henna Gal says:

its interesting but I cant cope with every sentence ending on the same vocal note :o/

UMS FILM says:

How to adjust the period of unloading transactions from bank account? I only download transactions for the last 2 months. The balance is not right.

Simon Masters says:

Giggles.  at 2:26 you say "I have set up a fake bank" so I am watching with focus at the moment. "Fake Bank"?

Joy Colovin says:

This does not look at all like the version I just purchased. (V82)

Tanushqa Kapadia says:

Thanks for your video. It's quite useful. I got one question. I open up new bank account and use old bank account in quickbook to update my new bank account. Now I can't reconcile my account. Is there anyway I can remove all my old bank details and download from start. Any help will be highly appreciated.

J hunkin says:

Thanks for posting this video! Very helpful

Hoku Nui Maui says:

Thank you so much for your thorough and thoughtful video. It was very helpful – your patient tone made all the difference.  Keep up the good work and thanks again!

kingofenglandthethir says:

I notice that there is no mention of how to avoid making mistakes when using foreign keyboards. Novice travellers can too easily make mistakes . Maybe a video informing people of this pitfall. Not all Natwest clients have portable devices and most Brits are only familiar with UK or US keyboards.

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