How to Use Level 2 While Trading Stocks – Tutorial on Level 2 using Etrade Pro with stock CDOI

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Training video that explains how to only use Level 2 in order to foresee the future actions of the stock… Learn how to daytrade by watching me trade – http…


stockhaven says:

guys who watch/watched this video.. I strongly encourage you to watch my
latest video (4/26/14 webinar)… I do a detailed live analysis of level 2
using real live footage from my own trading. It will be helpful as I have
learned a lot about level 2 myself in the near 3 years since this video was
first posted

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2014 04 26 16 30 Stockhaven com Free Webinar

Abu Okasha says:

Why are some highlighted a different colors. Did you set it up like this?
What do the colors correspond to?

Chrizskemattik says:

My question is, how much can be profited from one tick if trading in penny

deepak sharma says:

One of the clearest depictions !! Thanx…

Alex Knight says:

he doesn’t give a tutorial at all. What does “stacking” actually mean, why
is it significant? What do the colours mean? what do the abbreviations
mean. Are they all market makers? Is that your broker in that list?

Chris B says:

love this video thank you man 

kenykillr says:

whats the significance of “size”

InLaws Attic says:

VERY helpful! THANKS! 🙂 

Elliott Rolle says:


Roshana Anahsor says:

Really well explained! Will watch more of your videos!

James Davis says:

Jesus man, stop moving the effin screen all the time!

Nico Santos says:

All technical indicators use volume, price, or a combination of both to
determine the CURRENT trend. They don’t predict the future, like all
traders would like them to. Level two is the closest you’ll ever get to
determining the future price. AND don’t forget to look at volume criteria!

Raz A says:

I agree with iknownow3244256’s comment. I was expecting you to tell us what
exactly was going on. It’s my first time using level 2 and I was hoping you
could tell us what we were seeing on the screen in terms of bid,ask,

Steven Stamatis says:

great job, again!

luigi jimenez says:

Support is when the bid is stacked to go up and resistance is when it
reached a high?

bluedevil3473423 says:

does e-trade allow you to trade stocks under a dollar? i see that the price
in this demo is at 82 cents and was wondering if you could trade it

Tayler Gonzalez says:

how do you bring up that window

kingmike40 says:

Do the colors, red,yellow,green,etc, mean anything? 

stewlv says:

Nice work on the video.

Jacques RAYMOND says:

What live chat are you using in your demo ?


Alex Charles says:

is it true you can short sell on Etrade?

haebooty says:

Why on your L2 are all of the size blocks 5000? How come you do not seem to
mind the size of the bid/ask blocks?

Ernie Cooper says:

exactly what I was looking for, thanks.

read charts says:

Leave it to SH.

iknownow3244256 says:

This is not a tutorial about Level 2, using etrade pro. It is a running
commentary on events as they as unfolding. A real tutorial would explain
the level 2 interface and the meaning and significance of its respective
features. Your tutorial assumes people are already familiar with the level
2 environment. Very misleading title.

Lionel Bulging says:

At 12:52 How does a trade sell at 0.0795 at 100000 shares when the average
trade was 0.0856 on bid and 0.0867 on ask, that didnt make sense at all but
everything else does.

AkijoLaGrand says:

out of all the other level 2 videos ive watched on youtube, yours explained
it best

TheBlanco951 says:

so let me get this straight. the bid size is the all the sell orders and
the ask side is all the buy orders. am i correct?

Bronzebk says:

Hope this link helps: /watch?v=fqUVbN6eNo8

John Yoga says:

You are the first person to show excellently how to trade via Level II. I
NOW finally understand Level II. Bravo! Marc

free1dom says:

Thank you so much for this video.

Dave B says:

Does etrade pro offer direct routing for otc stocks? Looking at your video,
it seems like they might since the level 2 screen at the bottom has a
“destination” option (with AUTO appearing as the choice). I asked etrade’s
customer service online but they weren’t sure if direct routing for OTC
stocks was available with Level 2 in etrade pro

fuskkito says:

Thta looks sooo slowww.. no thanks Etrade

km703 says:

nice video, but don’t understand why the screen keeps moving around, i
guess it was moving in tandem w/ mouse. annoying.

AppreciateThe Penny says:

“We wait, we watch, and then we react we don’t guess we don’t hope we know
what we’re going to do and how we are going to do it” 12:28 StockHaven…

Ronnie DiMaio says:

excellent video man

ActionJacksonHD says:

Reference Peurnt.

ohioMX314 says:

Do the colors on the L2 (green, red, yellow, blue) have any significance?
Thank you for the videos and chat room! Everyone at SH is truely the best.

AppreciateThe Penny says:

OMG man dude, I love your videos… sweet info… helps out a lot.

stockhaven says:

@haebooty When a stock like this is running, market makers come up on the
bid and get active when there are a lot of orders in pending at the ask –
and you often see the bids start to stack. Notice when it topped out the
bids started to crumble all at once and the ask lined up with MMs w/ only
5k – for the exact opposite reason 🙂

M14Ok says:

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all about the right system. I’ve tried them all, narrowed it down to one
extremely powerful technique. This video explains it all ==>

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