How To Start Your Online Tax Preparation Company

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So, you have a job but it’s just not enough. You need to make some additional money but you don’t necessarily want a part-time job. How about being your own boss and working when you want, and making substantial money from it? You need a side hustle. How about being an ambassador for a fun and innovative on-demand tax preparation company called VTax? VTax is a professional tax preparation firm whose model uses the same process as traditional brick-and-mortar tax offices, except that VTax certified preparers and enrolled agent CPAs, and the taxpayers, are not face to face. Technology is used to connect the preparer and the taxpayer. Using technology, taxpayers can download the free VTax app, answer a few questions about their life, snap, tap, upload, and sit back and relax while VTax’s team of IRS tax-certified tax professionals, enrolled agents, and certified public accountants prepare your taxes any time and anywhere. It’s simple, it’s easy, it’s secure.

VTax’s exciting ambadassor referral marketing opportunity makes it easy of individuals to earn a second income without learning taxes or preparing tax. Ambassadors earn money by simply sharing the benefits of VTax with your personal and social networks. Here’s the even better part: you don’t need to know taxes or quit your day job. VTax realizes nothing equals the value driven of word-of-mouth referrals. In fact, a recent study showed that 64% of purchasing decisions are a result of word of mouth.

As an ambassador, you’ll use your influence and word of mouth, along with VTax marketing tools to drive referrals to use VTax on-demand tax preparation services. Here’s how it works. Take Chris. He’s a satisfied VTax customer and loves VTax. He applied with VTax to become a VTax brand ambassador. Using VTax’s robust referral marketing platform, Chris is assigned his very own unique code and URL link to share however he wants. VTax’s sharing pages make it easy for Chris to share the benefits, features, and a discount code on Facebook, Twitter, and many other popular social networks. Chris can also easily access his own address book from popular email providers like Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, and others.

VTax marketing team provides Chris with pre-crafted email, social media, and mobile text message templates. All Chris needs to do is just share away with his friends, family, coworkers, and social networks without thinking about what message he wants to write. Chris shares the benefits and features of VTax on-demand tax services with everyone in his personal network, and even offers them a discount on their tax preparation fees for using VTax. When his friends and family review his post, check out VTax’s features and benefits, download the free app, upload Chris’ referral card, and have their taxes prepared with VTax, Chris gets paid. Simple and easy.

VTax ambassador position is fun, super-flexible, and lucrative. The best part is Chris is providing his referrals with an excellent service and building an excellent reputation for himself. VTax licensed, credentialed tax professionals, enrolled agents, and CPAs, do the hard part and prepare all the returns. Chris gets to do the fun part and earn extra cash, gifts, prizes, and even a little swag, by being the voice of VTax. In fact, Chris even earns more money when the clients he refers also refer clients. VTax’s ambassador position let’s Chris quickly and easily earn additional income right from his computer or mobile phone by simply sharing his assigned, very own unique code and URL link via email, text, or social media. Chris can easily manage his business by tracking his performance and his earnings from one amazing dashboard. VTax provides ambassadors a customized portal to view their stats and earnings in real time.

We’re looking for energetic, entrepreneurial-minded individuals for both brand managers who can build and lead a team and earn money from their team, and brand ambassador positions. So, be like Chris and start turning your relationships into cash. Get your side hustle on. It’s app-solutely free to join VTax today. Talk to a VTax licensee today and get ready for a fun and rewarding opportunity with VTax. Remember, it’s free to work with VTax, but hurry, positions for this year’s tax season are limited.


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