How to Start a Tax Preparation Business from HOME. -Tax Training-

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Do you want to start a home-based tax business but feel like it’s impossible??! It’s not!

In this episode, we speak with LuSundra Everette EA, military wife, and bad-ass business-woman. She discusses how she got started in the tax preparation industry and how it has changed her life.

LuSundra needed a home-based business because she moved around A LOT with her military-spouse. She quickly learned she could be successful as a taxpreneur. LuSundra specializes in tax preparation for business owners and makes it a point to provide massive value to attract ideal clients.

She goes live on FB Monday-Friday at 9am EST giving tax tips. You can follow her at or check out her website at

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John Moore says:

Professional tax preparers are consultants!

amcafee says:

Awesome video!! Very interested in learning more about virtual tax preparations. I've done taxes from home before, but had clients coming and going in and out of my home. Didn't feel really comfortable with that because I am a single female. Would love more info on how to set up for virtual tax preparations. Thanks for sharing.

SuaveGA says:

Very Good Information! I look forward to taking this course.

tttttttyger says:

GREAT VIDEO smart smart smart people !!

Antanique Dennis says:

Thank you, I hope this video blesses me with all of the information I just received!!

No Limit Tax Service says:

Awesome interview!

QueenJaliyah says:

Where should I take my tax preparer course

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