How To Simplify Your Estate Planning

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How To Simplify Your Estate Planning

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Camila Genevieve says:

This video just helped to change my life as well as my family's, thank you.

A Muse In the craftroom says:

Any recommendations on fiduciary administration of estate trusts? I don't want to burden any family or cause strife. A neutral 3rd party would be awesome, even with admin fees. Does this even exist?

Brian James says:

Hello! Estate Planner here. One thing to keep in mind is that some states still have a state-level exemption that can be much lower than the federal exemption. Also, some states carry an inheritance tax (PA has a particularly gross one). But you’re spot on saying that planning for MOST people today is less about saving on estate tax and more about enumerating your wishes in a concrete, concise manner.

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