How to prepare corporation income tax return for business in Canada

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How to prepare corporate tax return for Canadian corporations. In this short video, I’ll show you, step-by-step, how to file a T2 Corporation Income Tax Return for your corporation. By watching this video, you will save hundreds, or even thousands of dollars in professional fees that would have been paid to an accountant.


Allan Madan says:

Thansk for the positive feedback!


Common Person says:

I know how to do a personal tax. But this video makes me to learn and do corporate tax now. Thank you for your video. It is very short and to the point. It shows the basic corporate tax filing. Very good.

Allan Madan says:

Thank you for the positive feedback.  Allan Madan, CA

CanadaCorporateTax says:

Very detailed for the average person
Proves why a small business owner should hire a chartered Accountant

Allan Madan says:

You’re welcome and thank you for watching.


Allan Madan says:

Thank you for the feedback. Any suggestions on how this video can be improved would be greatly appreciated 🙂

megamunchit2008 says:

Wow, people spend 4 months to learn how to prepare these types of returns. You can’t expect someone to learn this in under 10 minutes. Nonetheless, great video for people who have experience with tax accounting but bad video for those who don’t.

jrodmanyo says:

Wow that’s fantastic. Thanks so much.

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