How to Organize your Money with a Financial Planner Binder

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Create a budget, track your spending and plan your big purchases with a Financial Planning Binder!

Organizing your money is the first step to financial freedom. Learn more about my budgeting planning tips, printables and inspiration so you can start saving money now.

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Lindsay Ashton says:

P.S. I just pre-ordered your book! So excited to get it…and to support you and your channel! Your content is Amaze-balls!! Love you!

Lindsay Ashton says:

For most people, taxes is one of their biggest expenses. Could you do a renovation on your home and document it for all of us to see and call it a tax deduction? Would Joe be on board then?? It also raises the value of your home by more than it costs, typically (my hubby is a GC). 🙂

SophiesDish says:

You should try 1password for online. It's awesome to have a password manager.

Joanne Greco says:

Great idea to have a financial binder. It helps keeps everyone on the same page.

Kimbra Brown says:

I LOVE the idea of having a binder to keep everything together. Right now, I just have an Excel workbook, which works but could always be improved upon. A little habit that we have is to use our credit card for EVERYTHING that we can, which is basically just everything that we haven't taken a loan out for (cars and house). Then, I track our budget directly from that, and we pay it off when it reaches a certain amount, which is usually twice a month. We end up getting almost $850 cash each year from credit card rewards, and we're making interest off of the money that we have in our savings for those extra couple of weeks. Granted, that's not a ton of money from interest for those two extra weeks, but everything adds up, right? LOVE your tips!

Judi Jordan says:

Great video as always!

Ana v says:

We need more financial tips from your hubby. Thumbs up!! TFS

ecallis74 says:

I noticed a spelling mistake on your password binder cover. It should say "no peeking", not peaking. Love your channel! Thanks for the excellent content!

Aroha Waaka says:

can I buy this in Australia?

Kay Carle says:

I'm jealous. My husband is the opposite with money. I almost didn't click on this video even though I watch all your stuff religiously because I knew it was gonna depress me. Happy for you though that you're in such a stable position now.

Gina Monty says:

You're the best Cass!?

Elizabeth Lynch says:

if you buy a present a month coming up to september then it wont be such a big spend in that month also you could pick up stationary everyweek and put it in a box and come september you could have some stuff already. Hope this helps xx

tt kk says:

Hi did you use a template for your budget? Or did you create your own? Awesome vid!

Adele Renwick says:

just pre ordered your book and looking forward to all your help xx

Keeping It Kevin says:

I feel like I'm her youngest viewer ❤

Normal Vegan Family says:

Does that free PDF-Download thing also apply if you buy the Kindle Version of the book? Does anyone know? Thanks!

Betty-Alexandria Pride says:

Is it by this Saturday?

NENO ba says:

Thank you for sharing this

Penelope Smith says:

I pre-ordered through Kindle (I'm in Australia and didn't want to wait!)
Does this qualify for the printables?

kimbers 123 says:

clearly idk what I'm doing but I pre ordered ur book earlier today from Amazon and went to fill out the pre order form on ur site. but I don't see any 4 letter code. can u help me please

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