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Brenda ramirez says:

A year ago something happened. I don’t know what it was. I went through a
tiny depression. I drank a lot to forget. Spent my money like an idiot.
Everything I had saved. I’m on a better road now but my money problem
hasn’t gotten any better. I’m trying to make up for all the damage I caused
my family so Christmas and birthdays come or a Tuesday… I spend My money
on them cause I need them to know that I’m one I’m happy now and two I love
them! I have questions that I would love to ask through email if you have a
chance. Advice is what I need. +April Justin +AprilJustinTV 

rex sitti says:

Great advise,I am interested to hear more details on your sixth point,
balancing happiness and saving for your future. What percentage of your
income is good enough for savings?

Ebi Tubo says:

new subscriber..great tips..thank God we dnt use credit cards in my country
would have been broke bye now lol

edit molina says:

Thank u!!!!! 

YMoni Alexandra says:

Loved your video Justin!!! very helpful!

AAA Payday Cash says:

AdviceFromJustin is a great youtube channel. He doesn’t do money-saving
topics often, but these are neat tips

JasonCheeeseball says:

buy a helmet for april justin! 😛

jaamieemaa says:


Amrita Bal says:

But without a credit card, aren’t you worried about not having any credit
history? I think credit cards don’t have to be bad if you pay them off
religiously at the end of each month. And like Justin said, use them only
if you have the money to pay off what you want. 🙂

Melissa2087 says:

Can you open up saving accounts for a small amount of money? I don’t have
much money. I work a lot but I’m a caregiver for my parents and by the end
of each week, I barely have anything in the bank. I would like to start
building something in a savings account since i know I will need it one

Pi Geonsxgaspxrun says:

Hi Justin! You and April are absolutely awesome people! This video is
extremely helpful! I just finished grad school (aka huge amts of loans) and
I will be starting my job soon (yay for a career!). What about 403b? How do
you go about finding a financial planner?

GlitterMePink54 says:


SheRee Deen says:

Really great insight Justin . Thank you for sharing . Looking forward for
more financial related videos in e future . Wish u & April well always .
Love u both ! 🙂

Jessey G says:

Do you think couples should share their bank account or have seperate bank
accounts ??

simra3 says:

consulting with a financial planner is very good tip!

Jessica Boux says:

Have you got any further details on paying off high amounts of students
loans/university funds?

Matt M says:

buy a helmet!

Ayse Melrose says:

wowww so elegant !

debbiestar123 says:

awesome video you always give good advice 🙂

Amy Lin says:

i have a limited budget each month.. do u have advise on how i can maximum
it like using coupons to buy stuff n etc.

lovejbxx says:


soumaya says:

Buy a HELMET ,,, and great video btw

chuchubella9 says:

helmet please

Olivia Yang says:

Love your financial advices! Thanks!

Ernestine Perez says:

buy a helmet please justin we dnt want nothing to happen to you you mean
alot to us but i know April is number one 🙂

CollegeGlamoration says:

This is was extremely helpful, I’m in college and needed these tips. Thanks

Aubrey says:

That was awesome! really love your videos! please keep making more! 😀

ashleighjoan says:

I would love for you to go more in depth about balancing security and

AdviceFromJustin says:

Haha! I think YouTube will probably outlast most newspapers LOL

cynthia3084 says:

Thanks for the video Justine it’s a really good and helpful video. Oh by
the way Buy a HELMET for April cuz she LOVES YOU…remember H E L M E T…

myiphonerocks3gS says:

Ok Justin April said to subscribe and tell u to wear that helmet! And here
I am

WilsieCoot says:


catherine0530 says:

This is such a huge subject. Six points you narrowed down are really
helpful! Thx Justin

Alexis J.P. says:

More on financial videos

Jocelyn Lam says:

Justin! Get a helmet! =P ps. thanks for answering my question (:

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