How to file your Taxes in Canada for FREE | 2018 – 2019

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In this video I’m going to show you how to file your own taxes in Canada for free, using a simple website called Simple Tax (

You can ask @Simpletax questions on their Twitter here:

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– Kashman ;p

Sam says:

Please update if simple tax has provision to add other income value apart from t4..
Please reply asap… i am trying to file my tax but m little worried if something goes wrong and I can land in some legal cra trouble..

Sharan Ghotra says:

How can we sign up for direct deposit?

Saud Abdulsalam says:

Bro is Advanced Diploma In Business Administration – Accounting (Optional Co-op) a good course after 12th? And is co-op really beneficial!?

Amy Cheema says:

I'm student and drive uber can u please tell how to file tax as uber driver

Akbor hossain Opu says:

You said no for climate action incentive. But if i put yes i get around 300$ more tax refund and i also seem to be eligible for it since i live in saskatchewan. So could u explain what are consequences if u say yes! Also nice vid

Dheeraj Verma says:

so on turbo tax website it is showing my refund is around 269, but on simpletax it is showing it as 115, what shoul i do?

and will GIC investment money be included ? if yes where can i get T5? scotiabank did not provided me one online.

and it did not asked me for any direct deposit or any mailing details , so how will i get refund .? and as it

is my first time so i also do not have any account on CRA. Kindly clarify these points.



ScoutSniper127 says:

What if the employments income is blank?

Sherlyn Lobo says:

Very informative! Thank you 🙂

Aaryamann Varu says:

Did you buy a Macbook or iMac or something cuz the video was on ios

Aaryamann Varu says:

Make vlogs and overall very good video

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