How to file your own Taxes in Canada for FREE!

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In this video I’m going to show you how to file your own taxes in Canada for free, using a simple website called Simple Tax (

Time stamps for tax filing sections:

00:40 Open Simple tax
01:56 Your Personal Details
02:32 Residency Details
03:17 Misc. details
03:44 Ontario Trillium enefits (OTB)
04:45 Income from Employment (T4)
06:18 Tuition Credits (T2202A)
07:17 Public Transit Credits
08:01 Donations and Gifts
08:43 Investment Income (T5)
09:15 Income from Tips and Roylaties
10:59 Reviewing your Taxes
12:38 Submitting your Taxes

You can ask @Simpletax questions on their Twitter here:

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540bire mtbmx says:

Thanks Mate!

akashdeep singh says:

As a student from India, a lot of us have an issue of the surname&given name on different documents like passport, Sin number, T4, T2, study permit, etc. does that somehow effect our tax filling

Bree View says:

What is with the poisonous cereal placement?

The Conscious Climber says:

Is it complicated to file taxes yourself if you were an independent contractor and employee in the same year? any advice on this? thank you

viraj shetty says:

where can i find list of all the colleges in canada and is there any easier way to apply for all those colleges??

Musa Elidres says:

so owing means thats the amount i should pay ?

Jinto TK says:

Keep doing helpful videos ❤️

Neil Gonsalves says:

Bro u r just awesome….👍

ItZ_ sHiVaM says:

First viewer 😋😋😉😉

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