How to enter customer payments and deposits in QuickBooks Online – the correct way

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Learn how to enter customer payments, record deposits, and match deposits in downloaded transactions.
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michael o'connor says:

Thank you , big help.

Isabel Cristina Ramirez Duque says:

Very clear and helpful.

Marlene Pisani says:

How can you do a deposit in QBO without an invoice.. item for which deposit is required is in production and I dont want to produce an invoice now because I dont want to have to pay the tax on the sale yet,could be up tp twelve weeks before i receive payment for this item

Eirik Johnson says:

So, this works if I made one deposit of $100 that was actually 2 invoices of $50 each? I think I get confused by the part.

heperez says:

So what happens if it's a credit card transaction?  The total dollar amount received and the deposit amount will not be the same. How do you account for the fee charged by a merchant?

Linda Vivanco-Rovenger says:

THANK YOU!!!!! I was able to fix a problem that was driving me crazy.

Berenice Guzman says:

Thank You Love it

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