How to do basic bookkeeping (Accounts) yourself for your business

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Just as the title says, if you are struggling with doing your books or paying an accountant this is a simple and easy way to do them. this is 100% real you c…


Konstantin Kokkorakis says:

all went good until profit and loss page and it just went wrong for me big
time i don’t know what ive done wrong but i seen to have delete some boxes
some how any advice how i can reset the 3rd page to default so i can try
it ok cos i can just do the sum my self but would be good to have it
ps i am using open office 3
it looks different to your layout too maybe that is whats wrong ?
I am stumped

Abbas Haji says:

thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience

Israel Cooper says:

Thanks my friend. This is very helpful. Quick books, Peachtree, and Sage
are too bulky and so much fluff. Thanks for keeping it simple

Melissa Mendoza says:

Thank you I will be opening a private practice and this video was perfect
for my simple accounting needs.

Overflow Cafe says:

Great Work!

Simon Lewis says:

this was a really useful video.exactly what I needed to see. thank you for
making the effort to make this video. GOOD WORK!

PuNj4bi PriDe says:

OMG thank you so much for posting this video!
its very helpful 🙂
Subscribed 😀 😀 :)

digitech elevators says:

i liked and u helped me for keeping my account save and easy 

litao situ says:

i love the background music!!!awesome tutorial as well!thanks

superdad says:

Awesome!! thank you very much for taking the time to do this. I am
preparing to go self employed & was dreading book keeping. Is this really
all i need to do for the tax man? 

binzo blue says:

can u pose a video of how to maintain daily transactions…thanks

Anastazia Hamilton says:

Very helpful

48rxxygm says:

hi sir, can i have this account?

Eileen Robinson says:

Hi, that was useful. One question. Where you added your Drawings, you did
not appear to include the big expenses like mortgage, only smaller items
like personal shopping etc. Why was that?

zaluma gampal says:

i like this but the video is blurred…

Renita Patterson says:

This was extremely helpful, I have been looking around for ages for a
simple step by step guide for bookkeeping. Thank You!!

Spooner B says:

I need an accountant could not follow

Eric Nilson says:

Thank you, for this simple methodology.

anon94707 says:

Ha! This is very cool thank you so much for doing this :)

Annette Soto says:

Thanks for posting.. very helpful

dotstevens57 says:

Thank you so much, this video was very helpful and very much appreciated.

robson858 says:

Fab – very helpful… much appreciated! :D

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Don Pedro K says:

Hey man when are you going to giveaway that account ?

DeportStudios says:

Hey, im giving away the account when the video gets 1000 views but as it is
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Don Pedro K says:

I’m really sorry; I didn’t mean to offend you in anyway. I realise that you
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Don Pedro K says:

Look man I’m going to be honest with you here; even 500 views is going to
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