How to Become A Tax Preparer

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Be realistic about your goals!

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Notary mentor (2018)

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Crltnmbr 1 says:

I enjoyed your presentation. It was very informative as all of your videos. One correction needs to be made though. If an individual is being compensated for doing taxes and is working for another company, only the PTIN is required. But, if you want to start on own business, then you will need an EFIN as well, because this allows you to E-file the returns you prepared for your clients.

Tanya Woynarowsky says:

Hello, Sister Alexis of Divine Notary Wellness Mentor. Thank you so much for putting out this video! It is so helpful!!!

PythonWarrior says:

Lol lot of scam artists out there selling you packages clases+coatching how to sell your tax preparer services ! I got a phone call from universal accounting amd they ask me 2000$ for that package ! Lol I can study everything for free !

CellSmart LLC says:

thanks, one correction: you can't take a week of sick time for attending training sessions

Daveeda Jane Brown says:

Awesome Video I am a Tax Preparer in North Carolina I am currently working on my After Tax Filing Program so I can be Credited I also do Bookkeeping

MsDeaon VH says:

Im starting the tax classes at HR Block tonight, just wondering what I can do with my tax preparer certification after i get done in Dec.

Mona Woods says:

Do you apply for PTIN n EFIN if u go in to business for urself?

Pra Autoss says:

Yea you will never be with out a job 🤔

SoneBone100 says:

Thank you for making the video

The Black Maven says:

Alexis your a true hustler for real

Crltnmbr 1 says:

The only way to make real money is to go into business for yourself!!!!

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