How the Bank Reconciliation feature works – QuickBooks Online

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This 8 minute video shows how to reconcile accounts in QuickBooks Online. It introduces the Auto Adjustment column that shows at a glance where reconciliations have been finished with an outstanding difference and the Undo functionality that solely for Accountants.

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patria jacobs says:

EGADS – I would never show someone how to reconcile by using a fake number. Ridiculous!

Jen Bohnson says:

I have watched this video several times and I must say i would rather drag my genitals across a field of broken glass and rusty nails than listen to this woman's voice as she gargles on her triple chin

Jennifer Charles says:

These comments just saved me a lot of trouble!

Anise Botanical Skincare says:

This was the most confusing thing I have ever watched!

Thomas Schray says:

She's a frickin maniac. Advising people to just put in some arbitrary number!!!!!! This women should be burned alive.

Danielle Halstead says:

This is the worst Tutorial ever.

John McConnell says:

so now that i put in a random number and messed it up I have to hire an accountant to fix it because im not on an accountant profile? wonderful.

Susie Wrenn says:

very helpful – thanks!

finburns says:

Well done thank you.

Alex Johns says:

These videos are great, very useful!

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