How Soon You Want to Become Crorepati? | Financial Planning in Telugu | Money Purse |

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మా నుంచి వచ్చినా మరికొన్ని మంచి వీడియోస్ ని ఇక్కడ చుడండి 👇
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LIC Jeevan Shanti Policy in Telugu 👉
How to Prepay Home Loan Part 1 👉
How much you gain by investing in Gold? 👉
NPS Latest & Complete Details in Telugu👉

Many middle calls families cary dream to become #crorepati , in this video we have explained multiple solutions to fulfil that dream of yours.. #Money #Purse , #Financial #Planning #intelugu by #Sai #Krishna #Pathri #CFP



priyah gopa sai says:

Sir. I want to invest in FD for 2lacs where to invest in FD in bank or?…. Pls explain

Kung Fu Soldier Uday Kumar says:

But I want to ask something can you please help me
What is the software for subtitle you used in this video?
Please tell me

srinu vas says:

I want to meet you sir can u tell me the address¿

Mohammad Jafrulla says:

Explain in a video about SIP in detail pros and cons !

A Anje says:

Hi sir good moring yer 👍

Lrk Reddy says:

Don't believe it totally depended on share market I am totally lose 5 laks in share market I am also middle class family member

mallikarjuna rao kalikivayee says:

Thanks you sir.
Nenu ab capital pure value fund lo 1000/-
L&t emerging business fund lo 1500/- monthly sip chestunanu sir
Countinue cheyamantara any suggestions sir please sir.

siva bhaskar says:

Andaru just calculations matrame cheptharu ekkada ela invest cheyali cheppali kani

Poreddy Dayakar says:

Sir, Do a video on Safe Shop direct selling. Recently I listen this plan. Can you tell pros come of safe shop direct selling? Is it believable? Sir kindly clarify my doubt

Aneel Kumar says:

Bluffing the viewers… In equity there is no guarantee income and you may lost u r investment also….

Aneel Kumar says:

Bluffing the viewers… In equity there is no guarantee income and you may lost u r investment also….

yoganand says:

చాలా బాగా explain చేశారు sir మీరు…… కాకపోతే మీకు fame ఇప్పటి వరకూ రాకపోవడానికి కారణం sakshi మీడియా నే….. దాన్ని ఎవడూ చూడడు కాబట్టి మీరు ఆ మీడియాని వదిలి NTV/ETV మీడియాకి shift అవ్వండి sir…..then definitely you will become more popular within a short span of time sir…..


Durasa dukkhaniki chetu ….

Nagasankar Putluru says:

Ekkada invest cheyalo cheppali kada sir


Hello sir, Can you please provide your contact details. I would like to take personal advise from you.

Avinash Kusuri says:

Sir can you explain where to invest


Sir Video is Good but you are explaining as if audience are already have some knowledge in financial Sector. But most of them are very beginners like me so please use the terms which are simple and relatable.

Thanks for the Videos if anyone feels the same please like this comment to convey it !!

Lovely Raju says:

Ninnati kante eroju better ga unam ante chalu., kotishwaridu kavalsina avasaram ledu, kotishwarudu kavalani thapana padi akkuva kasta padi dabbu invest chesthe, 10, 20, years ki life a sagam ayipothadi,

Aa rojuki aa dabbu anubavinchadaniki manam untamo ledo telidu🙏

Pilli Naresh says:

Sir ekkdaa Ela investment cheyalii sir please me number evandi sir plzz .
I want to you talk.sir

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