How Mysterious does HART’s mind work you ask?

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Okay .. I was watching FUTURAMA recently .. the episode with one of the best comic genius lines in all animated cartoons …

Leela: Fry this isn’t healthy. You’re living in the past.

Fry: I’m rich! I can live whenever I want.

Leela: But we’re your friends and we live here in the year 3000.

Bender: Yeah. Now are you gonna come to the squid fights with us or sit here wallowing in your prehistoric junk?

Fry: Junk? Maybe you can’t understand this but I’ve finally found what I need to be happy, and it’s not friends. It’s things.

.. I’ve finally found what I need to be happy, and it’s not friends. It’s things.

Can you guess which episode that was?

It was the episode titled .. “A FISHFUL OF DOLLARS” .. (click on that link for the transcript) ..

What prompted me to pick this episode and the above quote was the following …

[Scene: New New York Police Department.]

Amy: Do we have enough money to pay Bender’s fine?

Fry: 78, 79. 79.50. Crud! We’re 50 cents short.

Leela: I’d love to chip in but Bender stole my wallet.

[Fry sees something through a window.]

Fry: Hey that’s my old bank. Maybe my account’s still open.

[Scene: Big Apple Bank. Fry steps forward to the desk and has a retina scan.]

Teller: Hmm. We don’t seem to have your retina scan, your fingerprint or your colonic map on file.

Fry: Yeah well I did open the account over a thousand years ago. What about my ATM card?

[The teller pulls out an ATM machine from under the desk and blows the dust off it.]

Teller: Do you still remember your PIN number?

Fry: Sure! It’s the price of a cheese pizza and a large soda back where I used to work, Pinucci’s Pizza.

Teller: OK, you had a balance of 93 cents…

Fry: All right!

Teller: …and at an average of 2 and a quarter percent over a period of 1000 years, that comes to…$4.3 billion.

[Fry stares for a moment and suddenly starts hyperventilating and foaming at the mouth. Then he faints.]

HART’s mind works in mysterious ways … When I read that – the accountant in me goes … HUH?

Is it really possible to invest $0.93, with simple savings rate of 2-1/4 percent, paid annually, and receive $4.3 BILLION dollars in a thousand years?

Naturally I had to prove it – and I have recreated it HERE if you want to check out my calculations ..

Yup. At the end of the 10o0th year .. it would have ended up to be $4,296,164,847.76 (almost $4.3 billion dollars)

That’s the type of stuff we accountants think about during our OFF-Hours .. and, why we so desparately need comedy and sit-coms to appease our short attention spans.



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