How important is estate planning? | Early Edition

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As we remember our departed loved ones today, we come face to face with a reality of life: The end. How do you prepare for it and most importantly, how do you prepare the people you leave behind? Learn more about estate planning from Atty. Edgar Mendoza in this interview.

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Merrilee Leonard says:

tweet: It would be extremely wise not to have 10-children/adults to support at home; whether poor and can't find employment or super wealthy. You are discussing about the end-of-life in this interview. With that in mind, and for the living who now knows there's no way out but down, we should be sensible on the number of children/people to bring in this world. Have a smaller family if you must have one — one/adult or have a maximum 2children/adults at home to support and to bury. Your children/adults will never experience a fabulous life on earth everyday — they too will go through perilous times just as we are. Take it easy with bringing more people on earth! Humans have long been "subdued" the earth. We are now waiting for the mystery of Jesus Christ return bac to earth — according to His word! Use your God-given commonsense. Tubaligation and Vasectomy are two preventative measures to stop senseless (excessive) human production and they are very safe. be blessed. Oct. 2019.

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