Houston,Tx.-Internal Revenue Service-1st Amendment Audit

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Yes,I m living dangerously doing an Audit on an Agency with a history like the IRS has. But,in my mind-thats all the more reason they need scrutiny.
Diplomatic Security Service is also located in this Building. And some other Alphabet Agencies.
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edward55105 says:

The Political Class are allowed to park where they want. I mean, you know that right?

robertintexas says:

It's been here 30 years, David! What a weasel that guy was. lol.

clbcl5 says:

Is your go pro on your belt buckle? Smile for the camera? Change the batteries in your camo, we can see you.

birdieking33 says:

I love the Peek a Boo scene. You couldn't have written it any better.

Pat Riot says:

appreciate ya David.

Road Dog 50 says:

If people would read the constitution, people would realize that money created out of nothing is unconstitutional and that internal revenue is just a tool used to steal your stuff.

londonderrry says:

One law for Congresswoman Jackson and her staff, and another one for the rest of us?

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