House Republicans Call For ‘Complete Elimination Of The IRS’

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It’s a U.S. taxpayer’s dream: make the Internal Revenue Service go away, and the largest conservative group in Congress is endorsing just that.

The Republican Study Committee, which counts over two-thirds of House of Representatives Republicans as its members, called recently for “the complete elimination of the IRS.”

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demonicwiccan666 says:

so if we get rid of the IRS who the fuck is going to pay for shit like roads! schools! you think the money fairies are going to just sprinkle money every where fucktards!

whendric “BaconTuxedo” so says:

In NC we actually don't mind the IRS as much as the NCDOR which is highly agressive in it's collection tactics

Johnny Shields says:

Eliminate the Fed!!!! Bring back the Gold Standard.

Walker Gates says:

Kyle's right. We don't need to eliminate it. We just really need, as a country of free peoples, to rename it to Monkey Farts. I think that's the best compromise here.

Ivan Jimenez says:

You gotta break this cycle. Taxation is theft, remember America was formed for over taxation. The IRS collects trillions from tax payers, yet we are still in debt to our knees.

Justa Hondafan says:

These people will not be happy until they totally destroy everything in this country and run away with all of the cash.

Allen750 says:

lulz at short bus joke, luv it

EvilLordBane says:

While I do agree the IRS needs to be more in line with the US Constitution as far as using debtor prisons legally while the rest of us cannot, the' complete elimination of the IRS would wipe out the US federal government (as well as just about every state's government, who rely on  federal tax dollars in order to operate) almost instantly. One needs the other in order to exist, no way around it.

Jimmy Pearlman says:

"Idiocracy" came true 490 years early. My head hurts, better pay a visit to Dr. Lexus.

Third Position says:

Im not a republican, Why should I be pro-IRS?

Jonathan Green says:

sometimes i wish i could wave a magic wand and make all the changes these fucking crazies want JUST so they could see their ideas implode in front of them.

Phillip Scott says:

And thennnnnnnn?
No and then !

john li says:

if we eliminate the irs our tax system will become like belgium

Jeffrey says:

You know what, they should just do that and watch the country collapse, then just let those guys who endorsed deal with the angry mobs at their doors. Because there won't be any police paid to pay for anything.

Gastyne says:

remove thew irs huh? theat would mean removing founding to the army because it comes from taxes.
did not know republicans wanted to decrease army spending by 100 %

Gastyne says:

smart, they know that they get payed from taxes but also corporations so if there is no more taxes the country would literally go bnankrupt because no school, no cops, no firemen, mo army (sweden could invade the US (LOL)) no fucking anything so then what retards.

Daniel Sciarra says:

is this a Fair Tax thing ?

Steve G says:

But Kyle, everyone will be able to fill out their taxes on a postcard, so there's no need for the IRS. The postcard will ask "How much did you make this year? Would you like to pay any taxes for this? Please write on these 2 lines if there are any special taxes you owe this year, and what the amount is." And so because this is so simple, and everyone in the country is perfectly competent and honest (or else Fuck Them), we don't need an IRS. People will just self-regulate their taxes. I mean come on, Kyle, who knows your taxes better than you? Certainly not some egghead bureaucrat in some dinky office somewhere. Without the demon seed IRS, we have our freedom back and can return to the gold standard. So IRS Never, Self-regulation is Clever! E pluribus Unum!

Emanuel Anastos says:

"the short bus. LMFAOOOOO

moismyname says:

They should make a series were presidents from throughout history are beamed to 2016 and confronted with what's going on right now. It would be hilarious! Even Ronald Reagan would be like "Are you out of your fucking minds??"

Jay D33 says:

In a new twist, IRS disbands Republican Party

xinlaw27 says:

When you take into consideration that they basically do whatever the hell corporate America tells them too, then I am sure they want to privatize the IRS. That way the 1 % can pay whatever corporation that ends up in charge a 'fee' and they will look the other way when they do not pay their taxes, while at the same time that corporation will go after every lowly tax payer that even looks like they are not paying enough and confiscate their property and put them in jail to make ends meet with our budget. Trust me these fuckers always find a way to fuck the little guy and then blame it on democrats. Granted Democrats are a bunch of fucking idiots, but they don't have the balls to pull off dumb shit like republicans.

derail14 says:

hmm get rid of the irs.. then how are these asshole repukes in congress going to get payed?

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