History and Legality of Income Taxes in Canada

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On September 11, 2008, Freedom Party leader Paul McKeever was a panelist on “On the Line” with Christine Williams (Crossroads Television: CTS). In this segment, Paul answers a caller who asks about when certain taxes were imposed in Canada.


CaptainMorganPrivate says:

Amazing how much spending power we would have as a whole, if the government stopped illegally taxing us. Just think, the big excuse that social healthcare is a drain on our system would soon become an apparent lie. So how much did private banks and politicians steal from us this year?The fact that interest is not necessary, means that debt is an illusion and just a fabricated plot to be thieving parasites to the rest of society.

CaptainMorganPrivate says:

Could you expain where the government was given the power to give exclusive rights away to private banks to controle our currency? The war measures act tax(now income tax) was only supposed to last a few years, what happened? It was only supposed to affect people who made over $10,000(todays equivalant of $300,000). The british NA act, also stated that the federal government cannot make taxes, yet provinces could. Last I checked incom tax is a federal and provincial tax.

Gryphyn3 says:

cont… they also ad in a number which refers to a statute which defines the word or phrase. In the Ontario Income Tax Act it, it refers to statute 149.1 onward until 150 in statutes which clearly defines what is considered taxable income. And every line showed what industries or types of corporations are considered to have taxable income. But none stated people working for those business’ or individuals not in those industries. The same lies in the USA are happening in Canada.

Gryphyn3 says:

A direct tax is a tax that is taxed on trade. For example taxing a corporation on their profits. An indirect tax is a tax that is something you don’t need to pay unless you use the service. Like filling up the gas tank on your car. If you don’t fill it up you don’t have to pay the tax. And so it is indirect. After researching the tax laws, i’ve found that individual’s income is NOT considered taxable. If you look in the tax laws where it says every person has to pay,…. cont…

RascalKyng says:

Have there been examples where people have gone to jail…? I think so…


info from cra website
is this true???


A number of individuals and groups are actively promoting claims that there are lawful ways to declare oneself exempt from tax. Relying on such “advice” could result in action from late-filing penalties and interest imposed by the CRA to fines and imprisonment imposed by the courts — in addition to having to pay your taxes


In Canada, if citizens feel a law is unconstitutional, they may ask the courts to declare it so. Until that happens, the law applies.


i want to see the law which states such


Section 91 of the Constitution says the federal government can raise money “by any mode or system of taxation.” Section 92 says the provinces can impose “direct taxes within a province” to raise revenue for provincial purposes. As a result, while federal and provincial taxing powers overlap, the federal government can levy both indirect and direct taxes, including income tax.
expalnation on the crs website


the constitution states they can impose a direct tax to raise revenues
does that apply to income as in wages for work????


they can also put a hold on your account where your funds are held
and withdraw the monies


so they imposed the tax because of the war temporarily and then what happened after that????
the question : is it legal or not at this point in time????

iRyaan says:

Don’t forget to mention, income taxing was created to tax the profits of big business and corporations. It IS unconstitutional to tax labor (what are we slaves?!), it should only be applied to taxing the profits made through financial gains of sold products!

Sadly people these days are either too lazy or stupid (most likely both) to educate themselves. Rather they rely on the establishment to keep them informed, and trust them that they are telling you the truth.

dougat says:

taxes are like insurance! You pay your insurance and you get your benefits, you pay your taxes and you get your benefits! The next time you drive on a highway and yap about your taxes thank the gods that you have that road to drive on and if you have tax loops then good for you I hope you hit a pothole!

TheCapitalistdog says:

Taxation is simply another word for extortion, when the individuals committing the act work for an organization called “government”.

richieisland says:

DO you pay income tax?

dougat says:

Is that Alex liefson with a beard?

MarshallAMarshall says:

Social welfare on our Backs?? how about the 400 billion the Government has already payed illegally, to foreign banks. And you want to blame social welfare (the weakest poorest people around) for the problems of the country. You have be the lowest of the low to drop this crap on the feet of our poor.

Bongofury361 says:

Yeah, I was thinking the same bloody thing!
If the gov’ts (federal, provincial, civil) are so addicted to taxes, then they should extort them from those who ACTUALLY have the money to pay them!
Maybe, just MAYBE, if the rich were taxed appropriately, then they might actually put pressure on the gov’ts to be more fiscally responsible!
It is my impression that the rich are constantly petitioning the fed to give them more breaks…but I want to ask them…HOW MUCH SECURITY IS ENOUGH?!!

harrisonconstantinou says:

CRA is gay

harrisonconstantinou says:

also crown corporation

Pepsicoke33 says:

What a piece of shit party.

khimosaubi says:

Meh.. Illegal.. Come get me mounties.. Thats the reason why nothing will change.. Its even illegal to sit around and talk about how bad we are getting fucked… Sheep are the ones who care if it is illegal to talk about freedom from the corporate bondage via taxes and laws that only benefit them. Until the sheep say enough is enough, shit will never change..

historyisstrange says:

it is illegal to talk this way in canada or talk about overthrow on a space station or space ship sound crazy look it up its canadian law but if it was legal i would probly agree

khimosaubi says:

You the man!.. I agree 100%.. Wish people would stop thinking of the government as fair…

uskokpravi says:

i agree 100%

angryadrien says:

I have not been able to find any documents to support the common “myth” that Paul quotes “income taxes were originally intended to be temporary”.
Does anyone have any proof of this?
I have read many documents and none have supported this opinion.
Thank you.

barneythehorse says:

Involuntary servitude and other types of slavery are illegal in Canada. I am here because God put me here, not because of some act of the Federal Government. Therefore, the government does not own me or my labour !

Keinlicht says:

Its funny that the progressive nature of canadian taxes is lambasted in this peice. This is probably the only positive aspect to our current system of taxation.

belltocher says:

The year 2035 presents many new operatunitys and chalenges for the citizens of Canada. The .47% income tax increase is one of the lowest for over a decade. However a 100.47% tax rate will present some very unique chalenges.

John Recker says:

We all pay taxes here in Canada, a lot of them. It’s depressing how little of each dollar we can actually put towards our baskets of goods. In addition to regressive sales tax, each year we get the opportunity to voluntarily and enthousiastically pay our income taxes. Why do our income tax returns not give us the option of opting out of services we go not want or dissagree with?

trudyames says:

My understanding is the Government of Canada was challenged in court and they were given 7 years to stop charging the illegal tax. From there the provinces were used to create the tax loop. Is this true, how can I confirm it? I am interested in our tax laws and minimizing tax payments for Canadians.

Tealy855 says:


scuba36fun says:

yep, very unfortunately but you are 1000% correct!! 

Topazman12 says:

Great video. The big 3 gets bailout money. Politicians stuffing their friends’ pocket with money such as E Health scandal. Asking for 25% raises. Working only 8 years to get a Pension. Hiring people who made huge donations to parties. Getting meals all paid for by going to 5 star restaurant, having parties costing $100/ plate. This Government is an UNDERGROUND economy. Corruption.

a4d2d0 says:

that freedom party didn’t last long now did it?

MrMrtelfer says:

Canada, I’m going out of the country for one year. is there a problem if I pay 2010 taxes in 2011? I have a tax credit due to school fees.

bluehorse888 says:

Hmm… canada instituted income tax only 3 years after the US formed the federal reserve act…wonder if thats a coincidence….

Giardintek says:

CRA has over 45,000 employees, that’s more than our army, Talk about expensive, eh!

rrk10 says:

crash the system . c o m

canadastreetmedia says:

The Goverment owns your ID and CONTROLLS the fiction that is attached to the id cards Tittle, You own nothing that is attached to this fictional contract and only have ltd charter rights.

a NATURAL MAN is not owned and therefore is not a tax slave,
Human rights apply only in this jurisdiction.

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