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Thank-You Eric Dunlap for your Spam Table .. it must have taken a lot of work, but a good reading!

I was wondering if anybody actually calls (270) 818-7244 for a Fake Diploma

I was wondering, because this is one of my top Spam Emails that I receive everyday in my In-Box. Not that I really notice, because it gets rerouted to my TRASH bin immediately.


It was interesting that in doing a search for this spam references, and I found Eric Dunlap’s Top Spammers and Scammers page. Down the page he shows all the servers that this spam is coming from. I suppose it’s a useful tool! I like that there are master lists of Spam subjects around the ‘net.

In fact – that is why I continue to post the major spam here in the blog, under the SPAM category. Hopefully, some curious person will do a search and find this page and realize – YES you were spammed! So, don’t go buying any Fake Diplomas or anything from these guys!

270-818-7244 (14) Fake University Diplomas

Spam Report
Generated: 01/02/2007 04:49 pm

This report lists spam by type including domain, scam or general description as well as the sources for that spam. All spam is logged and reported via Every e-mail is saved so if you find yourself listed here and you think you want to get in my face about “Not being a spammer”… let it go – you are a filthy, scumbag, piece of dirt, lower than a lawyer spammer. I don’t want to hear about how you are an “Internet Marketing” firm or some other stupidity like that. I won’t play the game with you.

And to all the rest… have a great day and I hope this page helps you out!

For those that have requested it, I also do a Spam Table and it is here. It is a complete listing of all spams/scams, sources and descriptions of everything I have in my database. Be warned, it is a big file!


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