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NDP hilariously mock ‘Talking Point’ Trudeau and the Canada Revenue Agency for severely failing Canadians.


Peter O'Donovan says:

when are canadians going to put a civil suit against the big banks and get our money back,,,,as in we got rid of the penny out of our currency but when it comes to debit and credit card use they always take that penny or 2 or 3 or 4 cents, that is illegal and it needs to stop. the banks are raking in billions from us on the eliminated penny

Peter O'Donovan says:

ive been trying to get through to revenue canada for 2 years, and when it comes to all tax returns they just take all my money with zero reason as to why and where it is going it is total B.S.

TheCrazycaper says:

The term honorable needs to be removed from his title right away.

M H says:

We need a full scale revolt!!!

Ben Hansen says:

They work hard at wasting money. give millions to isis fighters . open borders with no end in site. Who pays these people in gov.sounds like they work for someone else.

J OneLife says:

Or you get a foreign accent!

Lee Gray says:

he talks like his daddy spend ourselves rich ! what an idiot the only talent he has is being able to say nothing every time he opens his mouth these libitards need to go now ! get out and vote next time people , for anyone but the libitards !

Barb MacMaster says:

Question period circus, makes me want to puke.

weiner127 says:

they need a more accurate translator for Trudeau….im sure they missed lots of UMMAHHHOOUMMM and other dead time

HeyIsIt Doobietime says:

Does he really expect us to believe that. Canada is done! Thanks to our pm and his dad

sjeshpk says:

Here we go .. When you cant answer a question .. Blame the Conservative government .. Pinocchio you nose is getting longer

Judith Garcia says:

This is coming from a government who spent us all the way down to my great grand children and we will never recover from his insane spending!!!! this libTarde has no business being prime minister of anything! Trudeau you should resign and make Canada Great Again!

woodyfive0 says:

Working hard to bring back ISIS fighters to Canadian soil and more than likely pay them millions of dollars because they were mistreated somewhere that was no how our fault. Keep giving our money away and supporting these POS. One can only hope most Canadians see through your BS and vote you out next election.

black star says:

Justin Trudeau, PART TIME drama teacher, FULL TIME idiot.
In 2019, lets make Trudeau a drama teacher again.


Todd Desjardins says:

What is the point of the speaker of the house?? In my opinion he should be the one telling the liberal side to actually answer the question their asked not some bullshit about how the previous government failed to do things right or whatever he has been in power 2 years, all that is going wrong in canada right now is all the prime minister and his party.

Tony Rosales says:

I would love to beat the shit out of Justin Trudeau he is such a two-faced piece of shit

Regina Felangie says:

at least when Justin speaks french we get to hear the translator and not all his um's and ah's

Sue Smith says:

is there an honorable prime minister in this video???

Sue Smith says:

too many times I have got the wrong information…..The right hand doesnt know what the left hand is doing…..cra is nothing more than a job creation scam.

Chris Minneapolis says:

I always thought Canadians were more intelligent than Americans, I was wrong.

admtech69 channel says:

Little Lord Fleur De Lis flinched at 2:09 – what a scumbag.

stephriani gallant says:

"' improving''. ?!? when are the people gonna step up and dip him in tar and feathers !? no worries all Canadians are castraded at birth , , don't question anything, keep your head down , get a haircut and take your pill……

Glen Hesketh says:

Trudeau sounds more and more like a feminist every day.

AL PD says:

just once I'd like to hear him answer a question without referring to the previous government!

Mary j says:

Since Liberals took office Canadians are no longer able to claim their children as an eligible dependent. If that doesn't show how little they care about Canadian families I don't know what will.

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