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I have created this blog in an attempt to eventually become a companion interest and support site for my business …

HBS Management Consultants.

The business name is derived from me .. HARTLEY B SINGER, and my website from the business name itself .. …

I am an “Accountant / Consultant”
—> Pronounced: “Accountant Slash Consultant”.
—>“SLASH” is what I am here to do for you … slash your time and expense involved in:

* getting you current with your accounting records
* organizing your records and creating systems
* making your job easier and more efficient, and
* making my job easier and more efficient
….. because I will charge you by the hour and I’m expensive!

Well, that’s what I tell my clients when I begin training the individuals. I usually leave a few extra business cards before I go, to tack on the wall over the computer or for the bookkeeper’s desk, and jokingly say ..

Here’s my business card if you need me .. or just call 1-800-CALL-HART

So – one day, I finally decided to just register the domains and (so nobody else would register these domains). Currently, both of these domains are just aliases to my business website and probably a waste of my money.

Rules of My Blog

  • There are no rules to my blog. Rules are silly.
  • Slowly, I will eventually discuss topic matters of great importance and also of sheer nonsense. If there is a topic you would like me to discuss, please get my attention by responding to any of the blog entries in the Comment area.

    Have you seen my other Blog? – [The Blog]
    “A Website For All Earthlings, Who Love Animals”

    Take care.


    Jonathan Green says:

    Do you know who took the picture of the Electrical Storm taken over Provencher Bridge? I would like to get a copy.

    Please and thanks.


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