Heat Wave In Winnipeg Continues

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It was 31c Thursday
It was 33c Friday
It was 36c Saturday
It was 37c Sunday
It was 36c Monday (yesterday)
It is 34c Tuesday (today)
It’s supposed to be 33c Wednesday (tomorrow)

humidex-20070724.jpg… then back to normal temperatures! I know there are many cities out there in the world that are having hotter temperatures than the above, but here the humidex is quite high. The Humidex (a Canadian Term) today is 43. What that means, is that given the heat and humidity outside .. it feels like 43 Celcius (or 109.5 Fahrenheit) when you are outside.

I had to go to the bank and post office, and nearly burnt my hands just handling the steering wheel! IT’S HOT OUT THERE!

We have air conditioning in our house, but the thermometer is on the first floor, and set comfortably to 22c. That is, comfortable if you are close to the thermometer, meaning – only downstairs on the main floor!

We have problems shooting up the air to the second floor, however .. where my Home Office and computers are. All the vents have to be closed, and then have the air conditioner on at low temperatures and for longer periods to enable the colder and heavier air can flow upstairs. The problem is as follows: the last time I tried this .. I overtaxed our air conditioner, and it froze up, and wouldn’t work. When it finally melted .. the temperature in the house rose to about 30c everywhere and it was like a catch-22 trying to get it back to normal .. about a week in the last time there was a heat wave!

So – when it’s 22c downstairs .. I am used to having my office temperature be around 26c .. that is uncomfortable but, I have a ceiling fan to give me a little breeze, so it’s tolerable.

But -The Last Couple Of Days Is Crazy Here


It’s tough! I go out to the beach on the weekends and get sunburnt, eaten alive by mosquitoes and flies, get muscle pains trying to exercise and riding my bike and swimming and walking and swimming .. (and to quote Maxwell Smart .. And loving it!) .. but when it comes time to work – I can’t work in this awful heat. It’s like I go brain dead. I am unproductive. I can’t work! Okay.. I can work 🙂 But, I’m not enjoying it.

My wife suggested that since it’s cool in the basement, why not move my office down there? It makes sense .. because all of my files are there (or should be down there). There are a few issues to consider:

1) First of all – I call my basement the “Zeussie Pussy Cat Lair” … It’s a mess! It smells like cat litter. It’s messy. I have to clean it up to a workable environment.

2) Geez.. where is the internet access? I found a phone line down there, but haven’t tested it with my desktop until it’s cleaner down there. Right now, I am on my laptop computer, hooked up with WIFI that is detecting my router and wireless network upstairs ..

3) No spare T.V. down in the basement. Although, I can set up a better stereo system and putsky around on my keyboards inbetween jobs! That could be worse 😀

I don’t think it will be an issue of sending clients to my basement, as I don’t meet clients upstairs in my office now anyway. I just meet at the front dining room table anyway.

The big question will be .. how do I get all of this office furniture down the stairs? When I brought it up here, I invited a few friends and my brothers and it cost me about a case of beer and 4 large pizzas.

So – today I have been productive, in a non-billable but administrative way .. for about half the time~

Yes, I am trying to clean up my basement to see if it’s possible for a permanent move down to the basement. But, it’s hard to be productive. Where I would like to setup an office in the basement, is filled with all my Ebay stuff and other JUNK. Not to mention, that my dogs are scared to go down the stairs, because there are open backs on the stairs .. and try to get me to play with them everytime I walk up the stairs from the basement to my office! On the other hand, the cat likes to open every box that I move wondering what I’m moving or removing from HIS basement!!


-joe says:

What does C stand for (-:

Joe .. c = Celcius

If you take Fahrenheit
deduct 32
divide by 9
multiply by 5

You get Celcius

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