HBSMC.com (Version 2) Now Online

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I have finally converted my old static website for my business HBS MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS to a blog format.

HBS Management Consultants is a Proprietorship name that I operate under for my system consulting, accounting, bookkeeping and income tax preparation business. All my other earnings are maintained separately under a different registered business name, but is also a division of HBS Management Consultants .. like HART-Empire Network for my blogging ventures, and PapillonLvr,com for product related ventures (Ebay, watch repair, Online Stores, etc).

With the new HBS Management Consultants (HBSMC.com) site .. I will *NOT* be moving any discussions or type of postings that I have been doing on this 1-800-HART Blog .. in fact, I really just wanted to create a static site that is my online “business card” site, except with a content management system such as blogging software (wordpress).

I would be interested in reading your opinion of this site .. and any recommendations or suggestions that I could make or do or should add.

Currently, over time .. I will be converting my old LINKS page and some links from this blog into a more organized “Blogroll” or links page .. and I would be glad to exchange links with other Accounting and Bookkeeping Sites here in Canada or around the world (although I just specialize here in Canada).

Take care.


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