Haven’t Received Your Notice Of Assessment Yet?

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In case you were one of those taxpayers that filed your 2006 Personal Income Tax Return in the last week of April 2007 … it’s possible that you haven’t received your official Notice of Assessment for 2006 from Canada Revenue Agency yet.

Don’t worry! Canada Revenue Agency has been averaging 8-10 weeks normal assessment time of these tax returns, for those who filed in the last few days of April 2007. From what I can gather, from enquiry over the phone with representatives at the 1-800-959-8281 hotline .. the majority load of these affected returns are in the final stages of assessment at this very moment, or have already been designated as assessed. If so, they will probably be dated Thursday July 12, 2007 and mailed Wednesday Night.

So .. if you don’t get your Notice of Assessment by Friday the 13th .. call on Monday!! You don’t want to call the government on Friday the 13th!! You just never know what bad luck could happen with your Notice of Assessement on Friday the 13th!!

(just kidding)

Feel free to give them a call ANYTIME during their business hours (even on Friday the 13th) at 1-800-959-8281 .. and have a copy of your tax return handy, to prove who you are, and e.g. Line 150 or other information they might ask you … // or, contact your income tax preparer to enquire for you. That is, assuming you signed the T1013 Authorizing or Cancelling A Representative form and was sent in.


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