HART’s Printer Collection and Issues

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I have, and use three different printers for my business. Today I was reminded that two of them are actually discontinued models, and I thought I would write about it.

HP DESKJET 990 cxi Professional Series

HART’s HP Deskjet 990 cxi

This is the first ‘production’ printer I purchased. I purchased this for several reasons. Firstly, it is capable of being designated as LPT1. Despite it all, I continue to use software that requires a printer to be assigned, or rather redirected, from the software and not as a part of the Windows printing function. At the time that I purchased this printer, the store threw in the backside add-on attachment that enables a wide variety of HP printers to use Duplex printing, which prints on both sides of the paper. I also can appreciate the quality of the color output because I use this computer mostly for printing my financial color financial statement pages that require color, as well as my invoices and all my letters.

I purchase generic remanufactured Inkjet Cartridges, compatible with the HP1645A cartridge, from Ebay. It costs me about $9.00 CDN each after conversion and freight. I always buy the new color cartridges, HP c6578am 38 ml cartridges, because quite frankly the knock-off ones do not work as well. Both the Deskjet 990cxi and the G85 use the same black and color cartridges and if you have two or more printers, I highly recommend that you take this into consideration .. because you can buy bulk cartridges.

I have no regrets about this printer and I continue to use it daily.

HP OFFICEJET G85 Series All-In-One (Discontinued)

HART’s HP OfficeJet G85 All-In-One

This was the second printer I purchased. I basically purchased this model, half-priced because it was a discontinued model. I needed a photocopy machine, and an All-In-One printer made sense. I can also scan documents besides photocopying pages, and also enlarge or shrink documents or images. I currently use Telus Internet Fax as my main fax line, so I can have a Toll-Free Fax number that anybody in Canada and USA can fax stuff to me, at no cost to them. I use my G85 to fax stuff out from my office off of my regular home phone number.

I have two clients that also have Inkjet All-In-One printers, and find that it usually is a “hit and miss” time trying to successfully fax documents out. I am about 95% sure it is with my current configuration in my home office, having DSL for my internet access, and both my regular phone and extension to this fax machine being is bypassed through an MTS phone filter, and attached to my DSL modem. I have been getting around these errors by repeated attempts to successfully fax in either color or black and white, or by sending an attachment (copy of the fax) through either my Telus internet fax account or through MSN Messenger.

For the first year working on my own, I never bothered to hook up this G85 to my computer, and just used it as a fax and photocopier .. then I got another 4-port USB hub.

For regrets, I constantly feel regret whenever I have to photocopy a legal size document, because you can only copy letter size documents. You are able to fax legal size documents, by inserting the paper sideways through the feeder – that’s not a problem at all.

HP LASERJET 1300 (Discontinued)

HART’s HP LaserJet 1300

I bought this printer after my first official “Tax Season” of 2003. As much as a work horse my DeskJet 990cxi was, there was no reason to print Client Tax Returns in color, and it was just taking too long to print the Return. The inkjet printer would normally take about 15 minutes to print. Because I work at home, I usually took that time to play or “beat-up” my Papillon dogs Maxxie and Sophie. They would seem to know when my chair swivelled around that it was time to play, especially when the printer was working.

The Laserjet 1300, and all laser printouts just looks better with the monthly accounting and bookkeeping clients I have. There are no smudges, and the output is a lot faster. I can print a full T1 Tax Return in 3 minutes where my deskjet would take 15 minutes. This printer was great for me! It is small, compact and I have never had problems with it.

The Laserjet 1300 uses the HP Q2613A toner cartridge. At first, this cartridge used to be about $160.00 CDN with taxes, so I was initially buying it on Ebay, that with freight would cost me about $115.00 CDN landed cost. These cartridges were refurbished cartridges though. During a normal tax season, I go through about 6 boxes of paper, which each holds ten packs of 500 sheets … i.e. – 30,000 sheets between mid-January thru Mid-June. I need a new laser cartridge every 3,000 printed pages but, I usually stretch it to about 5,000 sheets or a full box … (it’s easier for me to remember). Nowadays, FutureShop sells it for about $85-$90 CDN with taxes, and it just doesn’t pay to buy anywhere else. It’s a cost of doing business.

I am sorry that this is a discontinued product – I didn’t know that until recently – because I would have highly recommended this as a small business owner’s choice of printer.

HP LASERJET 3380 ALL-IN-ONE (Preference #1)

HP LaserJet 3380 All-In-One

I haven’t looked at printers lately, but for the last two years I had my eye on this printer. I was planning on getting this model, after my HP Laserjet 1300 broke down, but so far it keeps on working and working! What attracts me is the legal size copy ability, and copies on a Laser All-In-One instead of an Inkjet copier.

HP COLOR LASERJET 2800 ALL-IN-ONE (Preference #2)

HP Color Laserjet 2800

I just did a quick search, before writing this article and I picked the Color Laser All-In-One printer that was under $1,000 CDN. I don’t know what other brands or models are out there, but I think I will keep with the HP brand. I used to have Brother printers and Citizen printers, and there were good – but, flimsy and not really effective workhorse printers, at least for my own personal needs.

Who really knows what will be available when I am ready for an upgrade – Currently, I seem to be doing okay with what I’ve got … My biggest criteria so far would seem to be the ability to photocopy legal size documents for my files, because all of my files are legal size .. as well with accounting 7-column pad paper and everything else I use to build my files.

Take care.


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