HART’s Media Consumption Diet

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WARNING: Meme Ahead .. you know what that means! (I don’t spell check :p) [RAMBLE ON]

I was tagged by Starbucker a while ago … in a meme that was originally started by Jeremiah Owyang.

If you do a Google search asking what Media Consumption is .. a definition something like this pops up: … a phrase referring to an individual’s usage or consumption of specified media or a media vehicle

There is waaaaay too much “information overload” that is placed on my plate, and I tend to find my own means and way to getting (and retaining) only the media information that I want. As a result, others call this your individualized Media Consumption Diet because everybody does things differently .. and is happy doing things different .. and I am no different!


Well, this MEME might find some interesting results down the road if someone ever wants to accumulate all the data and write a book or review of it all. In fact, feel free to write your own Media Consumption Diet on your own blog, with the tag “Media Consumption Diet” and get counted!

call HART crazy .. (again) but .. it’s my blog – and since I’m in RAMBLE MODE .. and I’m probably watching a movie or listening to musicmatch as I type this and definately multi-tasking (how media consumption is that, eh?) .. let me describe how I think the results will eventually turn out. I think a pattern will emerge with many similarities among the generations of people out there. Let me describe these generations as I see them.

* My Father’s Generation – These are the people much older than me, like my own folks, who might call me in the middle of the day to ask me where the “ANY KEY” is on their keyboard that they have to press. They are capable of searching for information, doing their online banking, forwarding jokes to everyone on one big massive email list and although they’ve heard of Ebay, they probably have never seen anything on the site in their lives. This generation gets most of the news either at 6pm or 11pm on their local TV station, while reading their daily newspaper or listening to the AM radio talk show all day in their car or at work. For some reason, at least once an hour they will stop everything to listen to the sports report or weather report at a specific time after the hour. They do not live on the internet, and do not rely on the internet for information. In fact, I still think some of this generation do not really believe this ‘internet’ will ever catch on .. or quite the opposite .. is so fascinated by the simplest things the younger generation and my own generation have come to get used to – like sending messages via email without paper.

* The Younger Generation. These are the people that are younger than me. However, as old as I am in body .. I am young in spirit of mind – so, I am talking about the people born in the 1990’s or later. They not only grew up with computers, they grew up with the internet and windows 95. They don’t get it .. but WINDOWS IS REALLY DOS! (Alt-Tab). I’m not sure they’ve even seen a 33-1/3″ Record LP or beta video tape, but I know that if you think your kids are not listening to you .. they are – and learning. These kids know how to multi-task and quite aware of their surroundings. Most of them are okay too .. although, I wonder if they have any common sense at times. I also wonder if there will be problems in the future, because I think this generation believes that ‘if it’s on the internet – it must be true’. In some ways, that’s quite naive .. but, if everybody thought that – and stop spamming everybody trying to make it the other way – the world will become a better place online. This generation doesn’t realize that there never was an internet and takes it for granted, just like soccer practice, allowance and text messaging. I don’t think the kids of the future really ‘want anything specific’ from the internet – it’s just part of their daily lives in how they live and access information.

* My Generation – naturally, is in between the above two choices .. and now I will begin the Meme, and tell you all how I consume media into my life and daily routings. Although I think I’m unique, I would like to think that there are a lot of people out there around my age who pretty much feel the way I do about this ‘media consumption’ stuff. This generation, (maybe a little too much), relies on the internet and spends way too much time trying to figure it out, or trying to get it to do things FOR them, to make it a better world out there for themselves and immediate family! Well, that’s at least what I’m trying to do 🙂

HART’s Media Consumption Diet

Background – Learn All About HART!

If you read the ABOUT-HART section at 1-8-0-0-H-A-R-T .. you will find a background post about me, called: HART’s Computer Background – History. According to the article (and it’s on the internet, so it must be true!) I was first aware and introduced to computers back in 1976 and actually owned a computer and did the Accounting Records of our family businesses on it, since 1979. I first heard of the internet in January 1995, and when I saw a statistic about how popular the internet was growing in a March 1995 CBC news report .. I signed up with Compuserve. They pretty much ripped me off and by July 1995 I had a dial up service with a local firm here in Winnipeg and spend hundred’s of hours online. My cousin was a beta tester for that new “windows95” since June 1995 and I had upgraded my computer well before anybody else did, and ran my computer on windows95. Before that, was windows 3.1 if you recall. Win95 eventually came out in August 1995. By November 1995 I had a website and ‘homepage’ on the internet .. and the rest is sort of history!

Internet – Network

I need internet and the best. I started back in 1995 with dial up and always upgraded before any of my friends or work to the ‘better’ modem and 56k modems .. I switched to DSL as soon as it was available in my area, and even when it wasn’t .. I was on their waiting list trying to speed up the process of getting DSL cables into our neighbourhood. Now, I still have DSL, but on an upgraded personal 3MB modem which, seems good enough for me. I wanted the business 5MB speed modem, but I don’t want to pay extra cost. My main computer is a Dell Dimension 8200 which has everything and was a super computer with the components I put into it, when I bought it back in 2002 .. but, it will probably die soon. I have an older Compaq laptop, but it sucks. By summer I will be buying a new laptop. I also purchased a second Compaq computer for my wife to play SIMS2 on it, so not to affect the usage of my computer. Everything is connected on a network and wireless G broadband router and I backup this hard drive on my dell over to the Compaq every day as a safety backup.

Internet – Email

I use Eudora Lite as my email client, and receive about 900 emails every day, although about 700 of them are caught automatically by my Spamnix Filter or sorted to the trash folder directly by filters of my own making. About 100 emails a day seem to be from blogs, that I never look at .. like Spam Killer warnings, moderation of comments (which I never moderate), tag-board entries, submission reports of pre-posted articles and stuff like that. And, I do get about 100 emails a day that I look at and take care of immediately, just so it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. For instance, these might be notices from CRA that I post in here, some MyBlogLog conversation notices, replies to comments on blogs that I have commented on, stuff like that.

I keep my Eudora up and it is automatically checking every 2 minutes for new email. Once, I decided to turn it off and someone emailed me 7 .mp3’s that were about 3MB each and it held up my email .. and I ended up having to wait about 9 hours to download about 5600 emails one time! This affected my business greatly because, because I also use Fax-To-Email. I have a toll-free fax line number 1-800-613-2087 that goes directly to email and is good anywhere in North America (as far as I know – maybe in Europe too .. but dial 011 etc for international exchange). It’s really a toll-free line in Ottawa, Ontario actually. I wanted a toll-free fax-to-email and I’m using Telus for this, and there wasn’t any lines in Winnipeg at the time I signed up in 2003.

Internet – News

I pretty much ‘hear’ everything that is happening in the world from the internet, although I might not pay attention. I subscribe to http://Bloglines.com that keeps track of all my news and information related to the network of sites that I have .. and in my Email, I do receive some newsletter daily updates from CTV and other TV News stations. If there is something that peaks my interest, I click and read it. Before I started blogging in May 2005 .. my ‘startpage’ used to be either Excite or MSN start page, which I still have active, but rarely visit .. and that has links to all the world news, internet and technology news, my horoscopes, movie reviews, etc etc. What news I don’t get from the internet .. is the local news, which I do catch up occasionally from the newspapers.

Online and Offline Programs I use

* Browser – Internet Explorer v7 90% of time, Firefox 10% of time
* E-mail – Eudora Lite v7 soon to be open source!
* Bookmarks – I randomly post automatically to 19 social bookmarks sites around my sites .. I am trying to be active at MyBlogLog and the only one I have been reading bookmarks of other people – are at Reddit .. As for ‘bookmarks aka favorites’ .. I don’t add any more bookmarks – I just subscribe to RSS feeds!
* Starpage – http://Bloglines.com >> it’s my start page in IE, in Firefox, http://62-151.com/links/ is my startpage
* Groups – Don’t join them.
* Blog Platform – WordPress –
* IM – Google Talk … 1800hart (at) gmail (dot) com
* Skype – do not skype
* Graphics – Adobe Photoshop 7.0 filled with goodies (that’s why I never upgrade)
* Screen Capture – 5-clicks
* Music listening – MusicMatch v10
* FTP – WS_FTP_Lite
* Blogging Software – I enter stuff in the blog, do not use Scribe or Blogdesk or anything like that
Anti-Virus – Zone Alarm (free to sympatico subscribers) .. used to prefer Norton AV Professional but hated Norton InternetSecurity
* Spyware Removal – Spybot Search & Destroy, AdAware SE, Adaware 2007 beta, Pest Patrol, Spyware Blaster
* How many programs and tabs do I have open RIGHT NOW? – 8 tabs in my taskbar, of which 3 are IE and each has more than 10 tabs in the individual browser itself! The rest or tax return related programs and data directories
* Background Picture on My Computer at the moment – Well, Maxxie and Sophie of course! – I do not believe in screensavers anymore


We are a daily subscriber to the Winnipeg Free Press newspaper here, but I never see it. My wife takes it to her work and reads it every day on her breaks, and leaves it for her co-workers. Sometimes, if there is a local story of interest, my wife will email me about it and I will go online to the link I put earlier and read it. My parents keeps me informed as they read the Obituaries every day. I still browse the Saturday Paper .. but on Sundays .. reading the color comics, then the entertainment section, maybe the classified section .. and then the first section for the local stories. But really, I am not interested in the news from newspapers at all.


My wife and I have different tastes in T.V. She is constantly watching murder mysteries, dramas, re-enactments, and stuff like that .. and I hate that with a passion! I hate A&E .. and pretty much all Dramas! Unfortunately, my wife wakes up early to work and goes to bed early, so to maximize my time with her after work, I “LET” her have the remote after 6pm. God forbid that I have the remote at that time, because I do not know how to randomly switch shows between commercials and miss beginning of shows that we are watching after the commercial, as well as she does :p .. and when I do, I’m never flipping to shows that I like to watch!

I am a sit-com person. I like to laugh, and watch mindless trivial stuff that is NOT to be concluded next week. There’s a start, and an end to the show. I don’t care if I’ve seen it before many times either .. it’s all good for me! The shows that I like to watch are: Seinfeld, Family Guy, King of Queens, Two and a Half Men, Everybody Loves Raymond, Friends, Futurama, Sons of Butchers, and stuff like that. I am a big fan of everything Sci-Fi, like Star Trek, Andromeda, Enterprise, Eureka, Stargate, etc. Unfortunately, during Prime Time as I have no control over the remote, I’ve grown attached to watching Survivor and Amazing Race. I walk away at other reality shows that my wife might watch .. like Geek, Batchelor, Flave, etc.

During the day, I don’t really watch TV except for Stargate, Andromeda and stuff from the Lone Star Channel ..Have Gun will Travel, Rifleman, Wanted, Bonanza, and Rawhide. But, these are rotating and on about 4 times throughout the day, so it’s not like I watch a particular episode at any time. If I miss it, I just watch it at another time. If I miss the other time, I never really miss it – because it’s not like I have to watch last week’s episode to find out what’s happening on this week’s episode.

I do not watch the News on T.V .. During the day however, I probably never watch anything – but the TV is on. I have preprogrammed my little TV in my office to jump from show to show every hour during the day, so I can see the screen change, and I know that another Hour has passed away while I work. The volume is on mute, except around lunch time or after 9-10pm when my wife goes to sleep.

I am also not a fan of Entertainment Tonight type of shows. Can TV get any worse? It’s like they are copying the A&E model .. tell you a hundred times what will be happening after the commercial, and wasting everybody’s time with about 15 minutes of content squeezed into an hour showing. It’s not only mindless drivel to me – it’s deeaning to my time. I would rather be banging my head against a wall – or watch Judge Judy! And, don’t get me started with that! My wife likes Judge Judy, I do not – yet we probably watch her every day during dinner. If I had my choice, I prefer People’s Court – at least it APPEARS that judgements are based on the law.


I used to collect records and CD’s and had about 200+ CD’s … I actually started to put it up on the internet but stopped updating it back in 1996. I was a big fan of Napster and shared all my music and increased my library quite substantially. I still use Limewire occassionally, but I have almost 4000 .mp3’s .. which, may not all be songs .. some are text speeches and crap that is registering in the count in my Musicmatch – my music program of choice on my computer. I have Winamp, and iTunes and Windows media .. but I prefer MusicMatch. I had subscribed early on to the lifetime upgrades and I am always updated with the latest software and goodies, at no extra charge.


The best thing to do is to leave a message on my home phone. I have a cell, but if I’m in the car, I’m listening to tunes and can’t hear the phone ring. If I’m with a client, I turn it off or do not answer it. It’s more or less to know if there is urgency for me. My call display shows me on my TV who is calling, and sometimes .. if I’m in the middle of something else I will decide to let the answering machine take the message, and will return the call as soon as I am able. All my files in my house are in the basement, and I work on the 2nd floor .. so, there are many legitimate times I just miss the phone calls as I am in transit getting files and coming back.

Online – I used to have MSN Messenger and about 50-60 clients and friends set up, mostly blocked or I would be in private mode. But, then I updated to LIVE MSN messenger and it keeps crashing my system, so I am now on Google Talk. I only have about 6 people on there, but just recently I have setup my wife on it and we talk on google talk instead of emailing back and forth now during her working hours.

I do not skype, nor chat online with voice on my computer .. just text messaging.


My favorite movie from all time is The Fifth Element. I can watch any action movie and enjoy it, as well as Sci-Fi movies. I grew up living in the basement of my parents house, watching late-night CBC ‘classics’ .. so I am a sucker for these type of movies … “They don’t make them like they used to!” .. that’s for sure! For some reason, I keep tearing up everytime I watch Armageddon or It’s a Wonderful Life .. and since I stopped smoking I can’t use *that* excuse anymore (smoke in my eyes etc :D). In 2003 and 2004 I was pouring in all my proceeds from Ebay sales to buying DVD movies .. and my collection is growing, but I don’t have time to watch these DVD’s! I have all the Star Treks, the Family Guy series, and my favorite action movies, and other series like ‘The Tick’ etc .. plus a lot of old movie musicals I like (Jesus Christ Superstar, Benny Goodman Story,


I do listen to some online music stations – which I only like from the sidebar from http://The-Singers.com .. the one that I’ve been listening to most lately though, is .. http://www.musicovery.com/ .. check it out! It’s like a music 2.0 that I can’t remember where I first heard of it .. maybe Duncan? I find a lot of neat stuff in my bloglines! My wife listens to http://181fm.com at her work .. I’ve listened to it a few times (the Eagle Classic Rock), it’s not bad! But, there is talking occassionally.

But, mostly when I listen to music, I’m in a certain mood and I pretty much have the right playlist in my Musicmatch ..e.g. fast toe stomping lists, rock and roll, classic rock stuff, pink floyd or porcupine tree’ish psychodelic stuff, instrumentals, or even classical or medieval stuff. Sometimes, I listen to comedy skits ..like SNL skits, southpark stuff, Denis Leary, etc. It’s all good, in its time.

I hate radio with commercials. I burn .mp3 CD’s for my car stereo and never listen to the radio.

Magazines and Books

Sometimes people will suggest that I read stuff .. and I not only say “Sorry, I’m Illiterate” .. but I think it’s my policy. I just do not have any interest whatsoever to read any paper magazines or books or novels at all! I was always the ‘computer guy’ at work since 1985 and the ‘Network Admin Guy’ and I can’t tell you how many manuals I have read. I read a lot of stuff online in the forums, especially between December and February relating to income tax as well as stuff from the Canada Revenue Sites itself .. and It’s like information overload. At times, I feel like if I try to bring in more information into my brain, some stuff will leave to make room for the new. Also, having all these blogs – I do read – people’s blogs and news and google searches and commentaries and .. well, if you are reading this – you know too! I just can’t read all of this stuff all day, then go lie in my bed and read a murder mystery novel. If I want something like that – I’ll rent Pay-Per-View movie and enjoy it in my couch potato position.


Well .. I have been writing this for about 2 weeks or whenver I was first tagged .. I had to drudge my way through this .. how long did it take you to read this? I hope you are not too bored.

PEOPLE I WILL NOW TAG: … EVERYBODY! Now go ahead and write your own Media Consumption Diet in your blog. Then link back to me here at 1-800-HART 😀

// Thanks in advance


Well done! Glad to find a fellow Seinfeld fan, and I’m in the same boat when it comes to differing TV tastes with my wife. Control of the remote IS everything! 🙂

Thanks for “memeing” with me. Now we know a LOT about you! All the best.

Hi Starbucker! Glad to finally get this ‘off my plate’ .. Thanks for finding the time to read this long rant! 😀

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