HART’s Daily Horoscope – Are you a Cancer?

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Attention: CANCER PEOPLE (born between June 21 and July 22) ……

My birthday is in July and ever since my last birthday I have been receiving daily horoscopes from some person named Jonathan Cainer. It is emailed directly to a BLOGGER.com blog I had started in July 2005. I have tried to get in touch with them to change the email direction to perhaps this blog or a new wordpress blog (or just to myself!) but because it is all automated and I am unable to respond back from the email that I signed up on (the secret blogspot email) .. I can’t edit it or change it.

And, it’s quite ugly it seems. The code has some weird coding that I am guessing is meant strictly for email distribution.

But .. the tagline for “HART’s Daily Horoscope” blog is …

Don’t Mind Me .. I’m just wondering how my day should be going .. If you are a “CANCER” you can watch this too! I guess ~

So – if you were born between June 21 – July 22 ….. feel free to bookmark my daily horoscope website or add the RSS feed to your Bloglines or preferred aggregrate reader. I’m paid up and the link will be good AT LEAST until July 11, 2006 (YES my birthday is 7/Eleven and drink a lot of coffee!)

Website Link – HART’s Daily Horoscope

RSS/XML Feed – HART’s Daily Horoscope

I don’t publish this site anywhere, nor is the code added to our HART-Empire Network code … I’m not saying I’m superstitious or anything like that, but it’s fun entertainment to see how a generic “Cancer Horoscope” prediction compares to my daily life!


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