HART’s Bookmarks – Concept Overview

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Currently, I have a “gajillion” websites bookmarked in my browser.

I also have a “babillion” linked sites throughout my various websites, its free-for-all pages, and other sites that I might get to from originating sites found listed my bookmarks or websites.

If you add these two figures together … you get a “manillion” websites to find!! Very tedious and inefficient…. So you should remember this ~IMPORTANT~ formula (which applies to alot of different concepts) ..

“When you reach a Manillion … you should consider dealing with it”

[Gajillion] + [Babillion] = [Manillion]

So this is what I have decided to do. I plan to organize all of these bookmarked sites by topic into this blog. I will create general and specific topics and continually update the same blog entry when I have added new links. When I need to find a website, I can just go to my favorite section, and do an “EDIT/FIND/..” to locate the topic and website I want.

As I subsequently add new websites to … HART’s BOOKMARKS … I will let you know the last time each blog bookmark post was updated.

If you have any great websites you would like to add to .. HART’s BOOKMARKS … please do so in the comment area! If you can make it clickable too, others and myself would appreciate your assistance.

In the meantime, this may take me a while to create these perfect ” HART’s Bookmark” entries …. so please bear with me. Besides my bookmarks found in my browsers, I also plan to go through all of my website and link pages and pick out the useful links and delete the obsolete ones.

A Good Summer Hobby.

Take care.


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