HART’s Bloglines Account – Under Review – By Me!

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Well .. I’ve got 5 types of folders in my Bloglines filled with RSS Feeds


These are feeds of articles that are subject oriented, and affect one of my blog. I might name a folder called “ARTICLES For PetLvr.com” etc. There may be searches included for specific keywords that are around the ‘net, or a collection of other people’s sites and other tidbits that helps me blog about that topic. Generally I don’t open the folder for review until I’m ready to deal with everything inside the folder, because with Bloglines .. I try to “KEEP” articles until another time I am fully ready to use or discard.


These are a collection of sites that are organized by blog network. I like to see, once in a while, what other networks are writing about, how many times they post a week, a look at the writers, and writing styles .. Generally .. I scan each folder and if something catches my eye .. I will go and comment and give my 2cents worth, and usually either stick around and browse the site, or click and surf links in their sidebars .. to see what their other sites are posting NOW .. or, who they are linking to.


I need the mindless amusing sites to break up my day. There is no logical way you can say I sorted these type of blogs .. except that they amuse me! However, I was getting TOO amused .. and one day I finally broke down and separated all of these amusing sites into folders just as .. Amusing Sites, About Blogging, Photography Sites, Podcast/Vidcast sites, and the kitchen sink. Oh, and a WTF folder that is not in my public OPML file that I sometimes enjoy but, probably wouldn’t admit to anybody that I really read that crap! haha. (guilty)


I found that as the more and more RSS feeds you follow, and the less and less time you have in a day – you NEED to organize and prioritize which feeds that you read daily into one major folder. If you didn’t (if I didn’t), I would still be reading these sites … but will have gotten sidetrack clicking other sites in the folder that they may have been categorized in.

Now – don’t take this anything too seriously, but these are the sites that I *must* read every day .. you know, while I’m searching and reading the 300 or so new emails I received that morning since I went to sleep. Yes, I know they are all over the place, and are in alphabetical order .. I really don’t want to rank any of them – they are all good!

* Blog Republic – Earn Money Blogging
* blog.bookmach.com – Life is a series of tubes
* Candy Addict Blog
* CBC | Manitoba News
* CJOB 680 Local Radio News
* CTV Canada
* Dilbert – Unofficial Dilbert RSS Feed by TapestryComics.com
* Dust my Broom – Just us bloggers eh!
* eXtra For Every Publisher – Tips for Making Money Online
* Internet Ultra Geek
* Liz Strauss at Successful Blog
* Net Business Blog – Making a Living Online
* Performancing.com – Helping Bloggers Succeed
* Simply Thrifty
* Stewie’s Playground – Your source for Family Guy stuff!
* Syntagma – Online Publishing, Tech and Media by John Evans
* Useless Advice From Useless Men

There’s probably a bunch more – and, I’ve IGNORED all 1-800-HART accounting and bookkkeeping sites that I read, the Forums that I participate in, and my HART-Empire Network folder (reading everything via RSS that is published on my network)


btw .. YES .. I really do have 1991 RSS Feeds in my bloglines!


* WOW! Over 10,000 unread posts!

I will be digging through my Bloglines and looking at RSS Feeds that I have been accumulating and saving discussions (or just accumulating and waiting until I finally have more time to read them all) and try to see if I can’t start passing around some “link luv” to … well, whoever the heck I’ve been following in my Bloglines and not reading them!

Quite honestly .. it’s about time. So, in the next few weeks and upcoming months, if there maybe me many posts in a single day – now you will know why. I’m just cleaning up HART’s Bloglines! I hope some of the posts I see aren’t too old … but that’s the way it goes sometimes.


Thanks, HART. I’m glad we’re still on your list. Much appreciated.

Same here John .. Even when you are writing about British Politics or local news, I am still amused and captivated by your writings. There’s also a few channels of yours I still read, but mostly on weekends etc to catch up.


I haven’t heard you comment in awhile! It hasn’t been the same without you.

Hope all is well with you.

Sorry about that Darren! 🙂 I’ll have to make a conscious effort to remedy that!

A lot of commenters have stopped lately, Darren. I think the blogsphere has run its course and other media are taking over. But I agree with you about HART 🙂

Hi John.

I think if I were to self-assess my own reasons for less commenting .. I might suggest that I am actually commenting more these days – but, around my own lot of blogs .. trying to build the little community of readers and commenters that I do have. And, after that .. I must admit that I have enjoyed commenting at http://BlogCatalog.com (username PetLvr) .. and between the two .. it’s almost enough.

I still read as much as I used to though in my Bloglines. That hasn’t changed John .. which includes your sites 🙂

btw .. that’s an interesting observation … I think the blogsphere has run its course and other media are taking over.

What’s the other media? widgets?

Well, Twitter (Jeremy Wright’s blog is now just a Twitter feed — it’s a bit like listening to one end of a telephone conversation). Also Facebook and other social media.

I used to comment heavily on Blog Herald (I no longer even read that), Problogger and others. I don’t now. The subject of “blogging” seems to be in steep decline. 😉

Maybe it’s us? Maybe we’ve outgrown the ‘norm’ and going our own ways now? I could have written that comment. I only read BlogHerald to read Lorelle’s WordPress wednesdays. I kick myself everytime I find myself reading Jeremy’s twitter feed in my Bloglines. I used to comment on Problogger when I could contribute to the conversation or just plainly add my 2 cents, but now it’s like a race to comment first .. and if you comment periodically (whenever I get down to the “P”‘s in my bloglines) .. I feel my comments are lost in cyberspace anyway. And, I miss the old days when Martin would just resurrect old blogs, but now if he’s not starting from scratch over and over again… well .. you know!

My attention spam has shortened. Facebook doesn’t interest me. But, it irritates me to no end that other people are being somewhat successful in their digg or stumbleupon or other social media “voting” tactics, and I find I’m at the stage where I ask myself – Why the heck am I not doing that too?

HART, I must confess when I read the word blogging now my brain switches off. 🙂

Yet I still enjoy writing the sites I write and running Syntagma Media — I just don’t think of it as “blogging” anymore. We are also branching out into specialized information products, which is a very different business model.

The recent Google attack has reduced our Adsense income (November compared with October) by up to 50 percent. I’ve always associated Adsense with blogging, so there’s a good indicator of blogging’s health.

Our other income, however, has more or less remained steady — given the season, that probably represents a reduction. However, I’m guessing our overall income will fall by 10 to 20 percent in the short term because of Google. That’s well within our margin of tolerance, and we’re starting to replace those reductions elswhere.

So blogging has to reinvent itself, and that’s already happening.

PS … good luck with the Syntagma Media new business model btw! I wish you all the success and watch with great interest so I can learn from the master 🙂

I’ve stopped trying to ‘branch out’ and actually have been trying to consolidate this HART-Empire Network somewhat .. basically to save domain renewal fees. Instead of 50-70 names to register, I hope to shrink that down to about 20 .. and then register for multiple years instead. I also lost rank with Google adsense, and I think I’m now PR=0 on this blog from PR=5 back in May 2007 .. mostly because (i think) of the text link ads and the 2kbloggers promotion I did in August. I think my prices weren’t reflective of the PR anyway, and my earnings were about the same in Nov as it was in Oct07.

I’ve been trying to market mega domains and add subdomains when I need them instead of going out registering a new name everytime I get the urge.

Like … Battling For Health sites, And You Will sites, and the HART Market sites. I actually hired two bloggers back in mid-October for the Battling Arthritis and Battling Cancer blogs. If I could keep the earnings up, I hope to start expanding that figure in 2008.

PS: yes, I know – gratuious linking and shameless promotion on my part 🙂

Yes, PR5 to PR0 is common across our network too. I’ve managed to hang onto PR4 for Syntagma by adding rel=”nofollow” to the contents list and to all our text links. Luckily, Bizrate did that for us, so no sweat there.

I too am thinking of building some of our sites out with subdomains when we’ve finally moved them to a pro server package. But we’ll do it cautiously and see how it goes.

There seems to be a general rebalancing of PageRank now at lower levels, except for megablogs, like Problogger. Robert Scoble thinks that blogs were overrated anyway — and he’s in touch with the Google crowd so is probably reflecting opinion at the Googleplex.

As I say, the Golden Age of blogging is over but it’s still possible to make a lot of money in and around the space. We just need to evolve new practices.

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