HARTandYVONNE presents: Elf Yourself!

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This is cute for all of you email FWD’ing links and pictures around the net ….

Here is the HART and YVONNE version .. Enjoy!


(click the image)

Start the Elfamorphosis


Well … it’s obviously who the better dancer is….. HART! 🙂

(what do you think?)

Olivera says:

Wanna See Bush and his family Dance in this Goofy Elf outfits? The ability to turn yourself into an elf. Upload a picture of your face, record your message, then send this toy slingin’ version of yourself to your friends. Check out site

I’m still the better dancer 🙂 lol

Rick Cockrum says:

That’s great, HART. But, Yvonne is the better dancer.

My wife did us with the grandkids. I loved it. I make the perfect goofy elf. 🙂

Sounds pretty “goofy” Rick .. do yo have the URL? 😀

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