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I would formally like to thank industry guru DAVE TAYLOR from his Tech Support And Business Questions: Ask Dave Taylor! blog for this idea.

If you don’t know who Dave Taylor is, I suggest you hop over there to take a closer look. Chances are there is an answer somewhere in his blog for that burning question you have been desparately seeking the reply. Of course, if you are one of the lucky ones who knows-it-all (you know who you are!) .. and want to test Dave Taylor .. go ahead! You can just provide a comment to any question and answer that he has already answered, and tell him how wonderful he is.

WAIT! … what’s that just before his Comment Entry field?

I have a lot to say, and questions of my own for that matter, but most of all I’d like to say thank you for all your efforts on this Web site by buying you a chai!

Dave Likes the GRANDE SOY CHAI from Starbucks, and he offers his readers a chance to buy him a cup or two through Paypal! Ingenious I say. Because, we all know that most blogs are either trying to advertise to generate revenues or outright soliciting donations to generate revenues to offset the growing costs of internet access and time. Actually, his reasons are:

It’s true. I do much of my work from the local café, typically a Starbucks. Typing — and thinking — makes me thirsty and my drink of choice is a Grande Soy Chai. Want to show your appreciation for my efforts, dear reader? Then feel free to buy me one (or more) chai’s through this simple form, below. Of course, if you’re highly motivated, you can always send a Starbucks gift cards my way, but even a quick cuppa via Paypal would be pretty swell! Even better, buy me a cup of chai and I’ll list your name and Web site on this page for a few weeks as a thank you, so you can glom onto some of my Google PageRank goodness. 🙂

1-800-HART is an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY Coffee Drinking Blogger

I have added two nice graphics in my sidebar. If you click the top menu | Consider | hot link, you will see two graphics.

I don’t need any fancy ladies’ drink ~~ 🙂 .. I just prefer a Large Regular Coffee from Tim Horton’s Coffee and Donut Shop. The price is $1.75 CDN for a Large cup of coffee at the local Drive-Thru, but I have added a 4% surcharge that Paypal will charge me to get that $1.75 CDN and let me buy the Large Coffee, so I have made it $1.82 CDN.

There are two options.

  • Single Cup of Coffee – This is a one time purchase of $1.82 CDN to show your appreciation for all my hard work, or favorite stories, business assistance, HART’s bookmarks, or just because you like me!
  • —> If you buy me a cup of coffee, I will link you under the newly created “SINGLE COFFEE CLUB” heading at the BOTTOM of my page in the sidebar.
  • A Cup of Coffee Every 10 Days recurring 30 times – This is a subscription that will charge your paypal account $1.82 CDN every 10 days .. thirty times. I thought once every month was too long for me to wait for coffee, and a weekly thing is just too much for you to spend on little ‘ole me! So, three times a month sounded good to me.
  • –> If you subscribe and buy me 30 cups of coffee, I will link you under the newly created “PREMIUM COFFEE CLUB” heading at the TOP of my page in the sidebar!
  • Either way, I will blog an entry to thank-you and keep all entries in its own category (unless you instruct me otherwise).

    For the Record … as of August 5, 2005 – according to the Bank of Canada … (Pardon my formatting)

    Currency // PRICE // Exchange Rate

    Canadian Dollar // $1.82 // 1.00
    U.S. Dollar // 1.49 // 0.8205 (1.2187)
    Europe Euros // 1.21 // 0.6658 (1.5020)
    Australian Dollar // 1.95 // 1.0697 (0.9348)
    U.K. Pound // 0.84 // 0.4624 (2.1626)
    Japanese Yen // 167.40 // 91.9794 (0.010872)


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