HART-Empire.com is down for maintenance

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HART-Empire.com is down for maintenance …
That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Actually – I was just heading off to sleep this Saturday evening and I noticed that my site is down. For some reason, the wordpress blog is not recognizing the index.php file in my themes. If I toss another index.php or index.html file into the root, it WILL load. All other files are present, and the network retrieval of the links are showing up in the sidebar, as it’s supposed to.

I was going to put up a page “Site Down For Maintenance” or “Ya- I Know This Friggin Site Doesn’t Work!” but, I opted to just leave things alone over night and see if it fixes itself before I do something that might make matters worse.

PS. this is a good time to talk about backups. How do you backup your blog?

Honestly .. I have no clue about backing up my databases and wordpress blogs. At first I was using the “Laughing Lizard” version of ‘Backup and Restore’. My backups seem to be about 3 MB for the database of each blog, and about 75 MB for each wordpress blog. Then, I started using the Scott Merril version (Skippy.net) called ‘WordPress Database Backup‘. I like it for one reason. When I try to backup my wordpress blog, with the WP_ prefix, I can alternatively select all my other blog prefixes as well as other database tables for my photo galleries, community corners, etc… Then – I get one backup file that is 8 MB in size.

I just don’t get it. I was averaging about 80 MB for each of my 7 blogs before (1/2 GIG space) … now the backup is only 8 MB in total? I know I have to learn more about this, and not take these plugins for granted.

I also know — is that I need to take better precautions when my sites go down or, to create some type of mirror site between my two host providers. Perhaps I should develop a good redirect in my 404-Not Found pages .. Hmmmmm

Currently, I have my blogs, databases, and websites stored on two servers … The first is my PETLVR.COM hosting and the second is my HART-EMPIRE.COM hosting. Except for HART-Empire.com and NewMoonScribbles.com .. everything is hosted on PetLvr.com …

This will be my winter project.


HART says:

Yes .. I know – it’s Monday Mid-Afternoon and http://HART-Empire.com is still down. I am making it a “Case-in-Point” study with my Host Provider in trying to resolve this. I probably could have just put up a redirecting page or Error page, but I (1) want to know what really happened and (2) Why it’s taking so long to fix, and most of all (3) What I can do if this ever happens again so it never happens again?

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