HART-Empire Strikes Back!

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As I mentioned in a previous blog entry, I had registered a few more domains in September 2005 ..

I am hosting this new website (plus more in the works) at GLOBAT WEB HOSTING .. Currently, I’m on the TerraByte Package #1 which gives me 10 gigabytes of storage space and 300 gigabytes of data transfer per month .. You get a MySQL database and it is very easy to set-up .. plus a gajillion email addresses … but, the price was the ultimate factor.

I currently have everything else on my PetLvr.com account hosted by http://Blacksun.ca on the “Office” Plan which gives me 2 gigabytes of space and 25 GB data transfer per month. There are other considerations though, because I have many domain aliases and subdomains and a Miva Merchant Storefront (v.4.13) plus a whopping bunch of other benefits and extras I receive – and I’m a long term customer. That, and they are close to me – in Saskatchewan Canada .. so I’m supporting Canadian Business.

But – to grow any bigger or to have more domains or domain aliases will cost me too much EXTRA money. It’s cheaper for me to just start another account.

“You Are Here … Welcome To HART’s Empire”

At this time, I hope to just use this new site to keep track of everything I am doing Online and help me promote some of my blogs and other online and offline projects, if possible.

By the way – If you click on the above GLOBAT link (or the graphic in the sidebar) and sign up – I do get a small commission as an affiliate. If you sign up .. I will also receive ‘something’ if you mention HART-Empire.com as a referral domain in the sign-up field. I don’t think it’s a commission, but if I receive a bunch of referrals .. they might add time to the end of my existing plan 😀

And .. what do I think of Globat? Well, it is early in the relationship – naturally – but I can honestly say … So Far .. I like.


-joe says:

Dear Hart,
saw this posted: I’ve got 8 wordpress blogs going on now and I do the 5-minute installation everytime. What I do is one one of them – I have everything – all the plugins, themes, etc

I would love to do this. I’m on Blogsome now and I even started a test site to try an upload:

What is the 5 minute routine? I really can use all the help I can get.

This is my web host. http://www.siteocity.com/

Love the top five lists – – –


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