HART … are you blogging all friggin day?

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Okay. Believe it or not, I do not “blog” all day. But, I do blog and am committed to this ‘blogging’ thing .. – you should accept that.

So, to make the transition easier for all of those around me … I have decided to take all of the verbs OUT of the English language and replace them with the term “blogging”. You can do vice versa as well.

For Example:

BEFORE: Honey .. I’m going to go for a drive around the block and get a cup of coffee at Tim Hortons.
AFTER: Honey .. I’m going to go for a blog around the block and blog a cup of coffee at Tim Hortons.

BEFORE: Let’s go walk the dogs! Maxxie! Sophie!! Who wants to go walking?
AFTER: Let’s go blog the dogs! Maxxie! Sophie! Who wants to go blogging?

BEFORE: What are you watching on T.V.?
AFTER: What are you blogging on T.V.?

BEFORE: Do you want to go out for dinner tonight?
AFTER: Do you want to go blog for dinner tonight?

And, finally …

BEFORE: Are you blogging right now?
AFTER: Are you working right now?

This way .. you will get the answer you want to hear …

YES DEAR … I am working right now.

Take care.


Orla Lester says:

Your web site (HART … are you blogging all friggin day? | 1 8 0 0 H A R T) does not display appropriately on my iphone – you may want to try and change that 🙂 Orla Lester

Thanks for heads up. I am trying a different mobile phone plugin now – does this page show up on your iPhone now?


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