HART (1-800-HART) Wants To Get Paid To Blog For A Year

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Please Vote For Me!

* It’s an interesting concept ..

Glenda Watson Hyatt pointed me to this site during Open Mic Night last night.

I Would Like To Get Paid To Blog For A Year

Here’s the catch. All you have to do is vote for me, once every day, for the rest of the year! Don’t worry .. I’ll put a link up in the sidebar to remind you to do this 😀

There is a website called Blog For A Year that is asking for donations and readers to vote on their favorite blogger. Their goal is to raise $160,000 or start on January 1, 2008 to pay a blogger HALF of the raised funds to blog for an entire year – they will keep half the proceeds. Payment to the highest voted blogger will receive bi-weekly paycheques throughout the year on his/her share of the proceeds.

For instance: If the site does raise $160,000 and I am the highest voted blogger, I will get $80,000 in 2008, paid $80,000/26 = $3,076.92 presumably. That’s not bad!

I figured, if I were to be paid that amount of money to blog .. I will use it to stop world hunger, create world peace, and ..// okay I probably won’t – but, I will use it all for blogging. I will use it to finance the growth of the HART-EMPIRE-NETWORK by hiring writers for my other sites, and I will make this the damn best accounting and bookkeeping and income tax resource site out there in the blogosphere!

Please Vote For HART (1-800-HART)


* PS: Read More About BlogForAYear.com


Thanks Glenda 🙂 Same to you~ You’re on my list to be voted daily (if I remember to vote at all that is)!

Good luck; your second vote was moi! Cool to see another Canadian in the race.

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