Greetings from Victoria Beach

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View From The Gazebo

The above picture was taken last night, in the gazebo – of my new laptop computer (on battery backup power only) – connected to the internet with that new EVDO card I have been raving about …


My offline accounting and income tax busy season is “officially over” where, my weird 48 hour work marathons shouldn’t be necessary any more … and I do plan to catch up on blogging now!

The above picture was taken last night about 9:30pm, June 30th … This morning, we had a major thunderstorm and the weather was giving us some “Canada Day Fireworks” with all it’s lighting and thunder .. so this will be my first online post .. and BEING online (with EVDO) for more than a 5-minute stretch of time.

I downloaded my Email client Eudora on my 120 GIG portable drive, and will try to get that working shortly … currently, I haven’t checked my email since about 10am yesterday morning.

I signed up on the 500MB plan per month on this EVDO account .. which, includes both upload and download. There is no way to keep track, and just uploading that above picture seems to put a drag on my usage. The little pop-up window shows that I’ve used…
407,000 bytes out and 4,257,443 bytes in.

I might have to disable image viewing until I can relate my online usage to the billing structure! I certainly do not want a huge bill in August for overuns.

See you around the HART-Empire Network today! I’ll be catching up with my slowdown of postings.



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