Government Accounting Explained!

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Dolly and Waahlit invite Miss Calcoolation, a government accountant, to Rigama Road to explain how government mathematicians turn astronomically expensive pr…


mandyeb says:

Actually, that makes way too much sense for government math.

AgentWD40x says:

The government must have all sorts of physicists doing their accounting for
them. If you have money traveling faster than the speed of light, it
creates an imaginary number.

chriscougar86 says:

my 18month old knew that was wrong lol.

Terry Guide says:

funner is not a word

jsh78mang says:

awesome and fun. Also I feel like a learned something just watching it. LOL

Sam Maloney says:

I agree– can’t enjoy what you can’t hear.

holidayhouse03 says:

i got my own equation….. democrat + republican = Gambino + Gotti

RobsMemoryLane says:

Without any source information backing this video up, how could anyone
believe it?

UncleVinny's says:

Check out YouTube video watch?v=Dy5zYRv0yJo

pensandcalls says:

w w w .you tube .com/watch?v=okYDyHeBco8 This is my take on how to cut back
spending. Sure it will take some guts from those weasels in Congress but if
they don’t grow a ‘set’, they are gone in 2012! (remove spaces for link)

Claybird08 says:

@brandon98188 So your solution to stop the “parasitic republicans” is to
make everyone a leech to the state… I call shenanigans! troll!

adelle0001 says:

thanks! for uploading this video!

makeiteasyable says:


ImDiscombobulated says:

Forgot to add the cost of kool aid.

workwillfreeyou says:

I am having trouble finding a job making enough to pay my property taxes.
All wealth in the plantant is to go to the top. Everybody else is to go
bankrupt, with all accumulated wealth to be passed on to the super wealthy,
bank owners and government.

ShamblesComedy says:

Great Puppets and concept. If you like comedy check out shamblescomedy
also. If you like it please subscribe 🙂

flobrew says:


brandon98188 says:

@itachi705 It doesn’t benefit “rich blacks” to vote republican, and doesn’t
benefit “working and Middle class” whites to vote republican, just Rich
White racist tax dodgers, who want mexicans to go back to mexico and women
to not have abortions. that’s it no one else benefits. Boehner is a clown
who wil bring congress to a grinding hault. With help from Obama being too
conservative. If I were president I’d veto all of Boehners bills.

SexCyberGuideCom says:

nice video

pensandcalls says:

This is my take on how to cut back spending. Sure it will take some guts
from those weasels in Congress but if they don’t grow a ‘set’, they are
gone in 2012! Search for ‘pensandcalls’ and ‘balanced budget’.

Shambles Comedy says:

Funny stuff

semieuphoric says:

“I shall now bid you adieu, for my Upton Sinclair novels are NOT going to
read themselves.” LOL!!!!

Mark Twain says:

hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha hahahahahahahahaahahahhahahaha
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha sob,sob, sob,sob,sob,hahahah, cry,haha

brandon98188 says:

We can thank the Parasite Republicans for our deficit. If I were President
I would spend twice as much as Obama. Obamas too conservative for me.
.Strong Public Option, More medicare, medicaid, unemployment checks, GA
checks, welfare, public housing, then balance it by jacking up taxes on he
top 1% and end those damn wars. High speed rail more Social security
spending, The Democrats aren’t that liberal after all, your parasite

brandon98188 says:

So your repsonse only makes sense if your a “White millionaire racist tax
dodger”. If your not a Millionaire it has no impact on your life if people
feeding off the system. Theres enough money for everyone. Just tax
Billionaires. and Tax corporations that send jobs overseas. Cut defense
spending. who’s going to invade America. as far as legitimate governments
like China and North Korea. The spending not worth Afghanistan, And add
more money to NASA. that’s the plan.

Justin McAllister says:

That is stupid.

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