Got Stress?

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Stress .. Life as an accountant! 🙂

It’s my busy tax time season, and yes – I am quite busy. I am not only doing Income Tax Returns, but many different jobs. Some take about 20 minutes (plus printing etc) to many days of preparation and finalization. It’s nice to get a break and do MANY MANY different jobs, yet not so different – because I’ve been doing them for years!

So .. what do I do between jobs? Well, this year – I’ve been browsing my RSS feeds … If I see anything amusing (for anybody else working hard and stressed out these days) … I’ll post some of the amusing sites and feeds in this blog.

For instance …There is a video on .. Jim’s Big Ego site .. called … {tah dah} …STRESS !

Almost as catchy as that blue ball page a few posts earlier …

Found HERE


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