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The above picture was captioned as “Electrical Storm over Provencher Bridge in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada” and first displayed in my blog September 20, 1995 in this post: … the image was FWD’ed to me in a mass email and I thought it was pretty nice, with the electrical storm. Over the years, I tried to determine where the original source was for this picture, but I never did found out (until recently).

You see, on August 2, 2005 I was looking for a new logo .. and by November 11, 2005 .. readers voted this header logo to be the new 1-800-HART header.

But, it turns out that this image was taken by Dan Harper who wrote in his site on September 20, 2005 (the same day I received this original image and posted it in my blog) …

September 20, 2005

A little over two weeks ago at about 3am I was high up on a parkade taking pictures of lightning while getting pelted by small hail on the same night that all the planes where blown over in Southern Manitoba.
At 4am the same morning I posted the photo shown below on several local forums just before I went to bed. It was also used in the Prairie View School of Photography September newsletter.

In the last two weeks several people have told me that the photo has made its rounds in Winnipeg by e-mail. Thanks to all those who sent it out, I’m happy everyone enjoys it. That’s exactly why I got into photography, to take pictures of things that others haven’t seen yet and just fun stuff. I always like hearing from people who like my photos so feel free to e-mail me at so I can see how far this photo has traveled.

The photograph will soon be available for sale at the Wayne Arthur gallery, 186 Provencher in different sizes. You can also have a copy for your computer desktop by going to my desktops area.

Enjoy the Winnipeg weather! =->


Well .. Dan phoned and emailed me yesterday asking me to remove his pictures from my website, because apparently he sold this picture. I offered to provide a link in my footer for continued use of his image, but he refused. Despite this, to thank him for taking such a nice picture and because I have used it ever since, I have linked back to his site anyway! And, except for my mock image above, and on the November 2005 voting entry .. all instances of this picture will be removed from this site permanently. I’m pretty sure there are mini screen view images around the HART-Empire Network and on various domains and pages, and I will endeavor to replace these images in due course, as soon as practical.

Meanwhile …


By now – this is the image on top of my blog!

This picture was found at Stock Exchange .. and was provided by Erica Burrell with website Stock By Kai over at Deviant Art site. It is called “Lightning” taken 6/3/2007. As a new template rolls over the HART-Empire Network in upcoming weeks, I do not know if this will be a permanent logo or not. In the meantime, there is a credit in the footer and will remain as long as the picture is up.

I call it .. my “LeisureSuit Logo” due to the picture on the right side – which was a photoshop blurrg of my 1996 passport photo, when I was wondering what I would look like with green hair and red eyes. I thought it looked like LeisureSuit Larry, so I named it “leisuresuit.jpg” I’ve recreated the text site name and tagline in the new header logo to be similar to the colors found in the old header logo.


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