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Good News: Part 3 – My Laptop Arrived Today!

Yaaaaay .. it’s a beaut! I’ll take pictures when I set it back up again 😀

Bad News: EVDO Revolutionery Obstacles

Naturally, the second thing I did after receiving my new laptop today (the first being me taking it out of the box) was to install the software and check out the EVDO Wireless broadband internet connectivity.

Well .. the light was on the card, showing power, but the software was saying there was no power. Rather than fiddle with it, I decided to just pack it up and take it down to the MTS Connect Center where they promised they would help get it set up if I needed it .. I figured .. why not?! It would probably be faster than me reading instructions, trying to figure out Windows Vista Business, etc etc.

Then they tried it at MTS and .. after trial and error we discovered what the cause was – the drivers do not work for Windows Vista Business (or Home) operating system .. just up to Windows XP. But, there was hope .. because the manufacturer released new drivers and download files for people who use Windows Vista .. so we tried that.

Let’s just say that it did NOT work. We were trying a few things, taking too much of my time .. and all of a sudden there was an option from the manufacturer .. “Try This … or .. YOU CAN WAIT TWO WEEKS FOR THE NEW VISTA-READY PC-CARD …. ”

I took Option (B) … gave back the XP’able PC-Card and documentation, and deactivated my EVDO wireless account. It was funny, I asked “Customer Service” (after they agreed to just cancel and void the activation charge and delete the contract) if they could credit my account for my Tim Horton’s Fund – for all the aggravation they put me through selling me the wrong card and making me take my laptop down to the Connect Center .. they said .. ‘We’ll See’. Maybe they will credit me something .. but I doubt it. You never know – it never hurts to ask, right? 🙂


Getting new hardware or new software? Does it work for VISTA? It’s worth asking the question.


And so the biggest reason to wait for 6 months after a new operating system is released before buying a machine with that OS is proven yet again. I used to get the latest OS from Microsoft starting with D0S 5, but then as Windows took over, around Win98 time I noticed that there was a lag between what I was told would work with the new OS and what really did. Now, I wait until I must upgrade before I do so. I am using Win 2K on a 10 year old laptop to write this comment. It works and I don’t worry about it as much.

It will not be long but it is disappointing to have to wait. Good thing Microsoft doesn’t make cars…


The funny thing was, while I was ordering this laptop .. I had the choice of winXP, vistaHOME or vistaBUSINESS and I picked winXP. But, at the last minute I flipped a coin – and let fate decide. In some ways, I wanted to have the newer OS just to future protect me over the life of the laptop, but I am not excited about learning Vista because I haven’t been following up on this at all.

Today – my screen was so tiny, it took me about 10 minutes to FIND the place how to make the fonts look a little bit bigger so it was easier on my eyes.

On the other hand? other foot? etc .. Spider Solitaire is Waaaaaaaaaaay more cooler on VISTA than on XP!

HAHAHAHA I once got Windows NT because it had the Pinball game…

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