Getting Even With Fake Fraudulent Canada Revenue Agency Scam Artists

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In recent months, I have been dealing with these fraudsters with East Indian accents, most likely calling from India but using spoofed phone numbers to make it seem like they are the “real deal”, representing the Canada Revenue Agency. As we all know, they are trying to sniff out your personal information so they can wreak havoc on your credit, bank accounts, etc. The have taken to such low levels to threaten you with fake arrest warrants for committing “tax fraud” and/or “tax evasion”. Because they leave a phone # for you to call back, which is in the area code of 613 which is the Ottawa/Kingston area of Ontario, Canada, I have taken full advantage of such phone numbers to get revenge. The sweet part of this revenge is that they do not hang up and stay on the phone the whole time while 1) being trolled along, and 2) hitting them hard with crude slapstick humor and/or letting an air horn rip. This particular phone call was one of five phone calls I made to this number in succession over a half-hour period and got the same “Officer Joe Blow” and each time he was foolish enough for me to troll them along and and then allow me the opportunity to let him have it. With the help of a sound/video bit from the movie Dumb & Dumber, along with other crude humor sound effects, just watch how I get even and get a laugh out of it.


You Suck says:

We got a good call from a scammer yesterday.. About 2 minutes it turned into us swearing at each other.

ladislava jirousek says:

844-240-3124 officer peter black HAVE FUN !!!!

mikey1978416 says:

they called me last week. 819 410 7771 Officer "John Parker"

christopher9000p says:

You should post every number they use so the rest of us can join in the fun. :)

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