Getting Bookkeeping Certification – Find your options

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How to open your own in home bookkeeping service – Bookkeeper Tips #1 American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers Universal Accounting Center National Association of Certified Public Bookkeepers Julie A Mucha Aydlott


andrew symonds says:

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xaviarpal1 says:

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springsteel333 says:

I’ve done taxes for five years, and have found many mistakes by CPA accountants. Simply put, it doesn’t sound like you have the maturity level to be servicing clients. If you can not understand competition, and the free market, don’t be upset because professional bookkeepers do good work. So many bookkeeping clients, so little time. The reason there are so many bookkeepers is because of the failure of CPA’s to keep up with the fast pace.

bullissalespro says:


I don’t mean to imply that CPAs are “Smarter” than a bookkeeper. I am pointing out however that a Certified Public Accountant is substantially more educated & thus is more competent in the areas of accounting.

We are in the business of serving our clients by streamlining & making their accounting process accurate & up to date. This gives them good financial information Year-Round, avoids embezzlement & reduces the taxes they pay.

All for the same cost as a Bookkeeper.

bullissalespro says:

Good Morning,

I’m Sorry you feel that way.
Years ago, bookkeeping was something done by accounting firms. Over the years we’ve let it slip & you are right – for the most part, accountants STILL prefer to delegate that work out.

Our firm has joined a movement among CPA firms to re-gain lost revenue.
Obviously we stay busy during tax & Audit Season but we would also like to flatten out the revenue bubble to last the entire year. This also gives jobs to unemployed bookkeepers.

blueparasite says:

Just because she disagrees with your point of view does not make her mistaken. I have a feeling that the only reason you are determined to put bookkeepers out of business is just a matter of sour grapes and/or you are not getting enough accounting/auditing work to satisfy the partners. If you had enough accounting work of your own you would not have time to stew about whatever bookkeeping work you aren’t getting and you would also know that no truly busy accountant

blueparasite says:

is happy to waste their time cleaning up ANYBODY’S mess for whatever reason – particularly during tax season.

bullissalespro says:

No need get upset.
You are simply mistaken… a good CPA firm (like ours) will have a low rate bookkeeping department who’s work is supervised by a CPA to ensure accuracy.
The cost of our service (& many other firms like ours) is equal to (if not less than) the cost of a bookkeeper.

The Accountants who do their clients a disservice are the ones who are happy to continue letting the bookkeeper screw things up all year & then clean it up while preparing the tax return @ $150+/hr

accountingsolutions says:

Actually bullissalespro – offense is taken in the aspect that I am a Certified Fraud Examiner and any CPA with an attitude like this is clearly only looking out for their own financial interest. Small businesses can’t afford high costs of CPA’s especially when the CPA is arrogant and and charges too much. There are thousands of great CPA’s and thousands of great bookkeeping professionals who work well TOGETHER. What rips off the small business is a CPA billing $150 hour for bookkeeping work.

bullissalespro says:

No offense, but if you are not a Certified Public Accountant, you are not competent to keep the books for any small business.

I understand & appreciate an entrepreneur’s attitude but a Registered Nurse can’t just go out & open a Brain Surgery practice just because she needs the extra money & can’t get a job. Professional Services like these need to be provided by Professionals.

I intend to put every bookkeeper out of business & stop them from ripping off business owners


BookkeepingCourse says:

Thanks Julie. I thought it would be nice to share that for UK viewers there is the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB).

accountingsolutions says:

No problem. Glad I could post something that could help. Good luck on your certification!

robbydob says:

Thanks for posting. I am studying Bookkeeping currently and definitely want to become certified. I am planning on taking the AIPB pathway.

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