Genealogy Estate Planning

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You’ve spent thousands of hours researching your family tree. You’ve collected documents and scanned old photographs. What happens to all of your hard work a…


William Edmundson says:

Thanks Crista for the short program. The last two months I have been
working on the same subject for a talk at my local Genealogy Society for
our September meeting. I titled my talk as “Want am I going to do with all
this stuff…….after I die.” I had some of the same points as you did
and more. I had a similar experience as you with my Great Grandmother but
completely different results – family records ended up in the fire. I am
sure that my Great Grandfathers pictures were burned. I would like work
with you on this subject if you don’t mind. I have already talked to
several libraries and museums to get their input and almost everyone stated
the same thing you did -get it organized if they can.
I have scanned all my fathers work on the family and the bulletin he
published for twenty years. It took a lot of work but it is done. My
question is what should I do with the hard copy of the material? Is it
possible to get a copy of you power point?

Riven wood says:

I have already done this it is all inside my will it helps when you are a
member of a genealogy society it will all be under there control and housed
at our local library.

Donna Judson Trahan says:

Thanks for all the great information. This gave me a lot to think about
and a lot to do!

Jeanne Towle says:

Shoebox app is also available for Android.

Susan Sabia says:

What will happen to all of your research when you are gone?

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