Funny Accounting Job Interview – TRAILER

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A man’s dream to become an accountant. – TRAILER


drakeingson says:

As an employee of KPMG I feel quite ashamed at this video depicting the life an accountant as an idiot womanizer. I mean where was the "creative" aspect of the accounting to help people manipulate income and shareholders to giving us massive bonuses and the required 10kilos of Crack to get through the day. Also there was no mention of money laundry activities, I mean what else do you think an audit consulting engagement is for silly. I think this movie can improved with more drugs, alcohol, naked women and maybe a tax return or two for clarity. Hope his help, and this is my unmodified opinion BTW.

Inam Yousufi says:


randomrazr says:


i thought their was a high demand for accountants?


@jjc1026 Are you serious? I am a CGA student working my ass off. I get good grades but have a fear there aren't going to be any jobs. Do you have a designation? Are you in Canada? Thing is everyone tells me there are so many jobs and then i look on job websites both government and industry and their isnt shit. People say to go into a trade but everyone I know doing that is also getting fucked right now. Really appreciate the response and good luck finding work.

KiyoThePriest says:

10 year experience isn't bad.

jjc1026 says:

That about sums it up for me. I spent over 10 years in public accounting and got laid off a few months ago. Now, with this economy, I can't find shit. I don't have any idea what to do and sometimes fantacize about being a porn star. Really, it's the same thing anyway. Getting fxxcked for a living.

Stuart Browne says:

Awesome! Can't wait to watch the full thing!!!

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