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Close – [The Blog E-Cards]

I thought I would cross-promote the link found on my other blog site ..

It’s a … ** FREE!! *** Online Musical Greeting E-Card site for everybody to use for everyday purposes!

WooHoo!! Oh Boy! Sounds Fascinating!!

Okay, okay … calm down … Don’t get TOO excited! It’ll still be there in the morning!

True .. it’s just in it’s infancy at the moment… so, please don’t laugh. It’s for the readers of my blogs. I currently have uploaded 60 cool looking pictures and 25 theme songs from cool Television Shows .. like … well, you will just have to go see.

If there is any slight demand and continued use of this script, I will make it look even prettier, add even more pictures, and more songs, and well … maybe even add some themed sections … like birthdays, anniversaries, and the like. I use it all the time now! There is a mini word processor and you can add as much text as you like. Can it get any better?

Enjoy! – [The Blog E-Cards]


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