Foxmarks – Synchronizes My Firefox Browser Bookmarks – Better Than Del.ici.ous Ever Could

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Here’s another useful tool when trying to “live in the cloud”. I am constantly adding new bookmarks to my top toolbar, or as normal bookmarks .. and it’s frustrating that when I go onto my laptop, I can’t remember the site URL .. yet alone the username and password!

By the way – in case you are wondering what I mean by “bookmarks on my top toolbar” .. I mean that I have added the “Bookmarks Toolbar” firefox extension to my browser, and instead of the long list of bookmarks from the top menu (or favorites) that we are accustomed to … I have pretty much the “quick jump” links to all my sites that I repeatedly go to every day. Consider it like pinning your favorite sites to your START/Start Menu – except instead, it’s all the favorite sites!

For myself, I have about 30 sites in my top bookmark toolbar, although about 15 are visible and the rest or sort of hidden on that >> in the far right side of the toolbar.

Well .. I’ve been using Foxmarks – a firefox extension addon – for about two weeks now and am quite pleased. Everytime one of my computers updates or adds a new bookmark to my top toolbar … it saves it over under my account at Foxmarks. I have the synchronization feature on so, when I turn on my laptop computer, it automatically checks for new bookmarks, and melds the two together. It’s probably the single reason my top toolbar has expanded from 15 to 30! I rarely save any bookmarks the old fashioned way anymore!

But – Here’s The Nice Part

With Internet Explorer 8 beta being released (I’ve always been an IE type of guy) and even that Google Chrome beta browser being released (I’m an ever increasing fan of Google applications now) .. I find that just this synchronizing feature alone makes my online life easier. I know when I leave this desktop browser and save a new bookmark, perhaps to sign into a new affiliate program of mine .. when I go to my laptop – the bookmark is there.

Check it out! Either at the Foxmarks site or the Firefox addons site.

Foxmarks is a free add-on for your Firefox browser that syncs your bookmarks across multiple computers and more.

Yup. I stopped using http://del.ici.ous or whatever it is now – long ago .. I was thinking of resurrecting a cleaner list with a new account, but I don’t see any reason to do that – ever again.


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